Couple Married For 69 Years Die 8 Hours Apart

In rather Notebook-like splendor, Gene and Pat Warrington, married 69 years, passed away within a mere eight hours of one another.

But it doesn't come to a surprise to their son, Phil, who said that they did everything together.

88-year-old Gene Warrington and his 86-year-old wife, Pat, died on December 27 in Findlay, Ohio, reported the Advertiser-Tribune in Tiffin.

Fortunately, they had been able to say goodbye to one another. Gene had been able to visit his wife's room and hold her hand the day before they both passed away, according to the Associated Press. When he realized she was in critical condition, he decided to pull out his own intravenous tubes the next day.

"He said [life] wouldn't be fun without her," the son said.

Eight hours after Gene died, Pat passed away.

The couple had met in junior high school and had a secret wedding as teenagers in the tiny window of time Gene had at home in between returning from boot camp and leaving for World War II.

"He told me that when he came back from war, he knew he never wanted to be away from her again," said Phil.

And he never had to be. They built a family together — with three children, seven grandchildren, and a dozen great-grandchildren.

This extraordinary couple took the vow "Till death do us part" to a whole other level.

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