How To Go On A Yoga Retreat Without Breaking The Bank

Written by Candace Moore

We all know that yoga retreats are highly desirable with myriad benefits to your practice and overall well-being. And sure, with enough research maybe we can find a good deal on a yoga retreat, but what if the price still isn't within reach is it possible to attend a retreat on a budget? The answer is yes if you're willing to get a bit creative.

Here are six budget-friendly tips to affording the yoga retreat of your dreams:

1. Consider the activities.

A fully packed schedule with activities and tours can drive up a retreat rate, because the retreat leader needs to factor in not only the cost per person, but the cost of transportation as well. Renting a mini tour bus is by no means cheap!

Budget tip: If you're OK to pass the time reading and having a little extra chill time, consider asking the instructor if it'd be possible to forego the scheduled activities and tours, to help lower the cost. That may be just the drop in price you need to make it easier on your wallet.

2. Be fashionably late.

With booking, that is not with attending class! I've found that oftentimes at the eleventh hour, the retreat leader just wants to fill the rooms to cover expenses. Waiting until the last minute before the start of the retreat might earn you a spot at a discounted rate.

Budget tip: Send an email or pick up the phone and let the retreat organizer know you're on a budget. Have a number in mind that works for you and pitch the idea. The worst they can say is no, right? This is really only advisable however, if it's a retreat you can drive to since booking last minute flights often means paying inflated prices. Though there's sometimes great deals on last minute flights too, if you get lucky.

3. Cut it short.

If a seven day yoga retreat is out your budget, see if the instructor would be willing to let you come for a long weekend at a discounted price.

Budget tip: This idea is likely only going to work if it's a last minute booking and again, the retreat leader is just trying to fill up the spots.

4. Offer your skills.

Are you a massage therapist? An acupuncturist? Are you willing to do a little work while on your retreat? There IS potential for work/study if you play your cards right.

Budget tip: An instructor might be happy to offer a discount in exchange for your services. Again, it never hurts to ask!

5. Help out with promotion.

Retreat promotion is one of the most challenging aspects of running a retreat. You may be able to offer a solution that'll be a win-win for everyone! Do you have a bunch of friends who might enjoy a yoga retreat?

Budget tip: There's usually a little wiggle room on price, so propose an arrangement with the instructor to see if you could receive a group discount. Not only will your instructor be thankful, but you'll get to attend a retreat with your closest friends! What's better than that?!

6. Book early!

This one's a bit of a bonus tip, but perhaps the most useful. Booking in advance can potentially save you a ton of cash.

Budget tip: Many retreat organizers offer early bird specials for booking early. So do your research and plan ahead!

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