How To Redefine Your Reality & Live Your Dreams

We define our own reality. We simply do.

When we observe a moment, the psychic sensor sorts for relevance, sorts for similar information, sorts for what we believe, sorts for how we've tagged and collated what we believe, and voilà: that's the reality that gets approved for our viewing.

When I was opening my new local yoga studio, there was a bit of drama. When the teachers on my staff announced to their employers that they intended to teach at my studio, in most cases they were fired immediately. This felt a little hostile to me at the time, and even though I was working to not take it personally, or even to take it as a compliment, my defenses were high.

One of my friends and fellow teachers, who had decided not to join my new endeavor, wrote me an email about how she was sick of the drama and how she was looking forward to moving on in our friendship. My immediate reaction was one of victimization. I felt attacked. I was gearing up to write a nasty response when I decided instead to take a walk with the dog.

When I returned, I reread her email. Lo and behold, the words "I love you" were in the email no fewer than six times. I hadn't seen them even once the first time I read it. How had I been blind to those words six times over?!

I suspect I was blinded by my own conviction that I was under attack. I was blinded by my brain's pattern response to the surrounding circumstances and my fight-or-flight response was activated. My instant reaction was, "Here we go, another friend lost."

Upon taking the walk and tuning into another vibration for a while — that of nature, that of clean air and pumping lungs, that of gratitude for this beautiful world we live in and my ability to walk among the trees and in the field with a smiling happy dog — I shifted my reality sensors, allowing me to take in new elements of the situation that I hadn't previously been open to perceiving. Then I was able to sit down and reread the email from a different frame of reality. It led to my writing a loving response, even picking up the phone to reinforce the message. I'm happy to report we are still tight friends.

We define our own reality. We simply do.

So here's my question for you: If you consider that you impose your own limitations, and if you consider that you define your own reality, then what might you want to shift? Look at how powerful you are! Look at how capable you are of creating! If you consider that you create absolutely everything in your life, then what do you want to embrace? And what might you want to redefine?

How do you re-engineer this human condition of self-imposed limitations? Simply ask the question, If I were to notice something different right now, where would my attention take me? Start asking open-ended questions. Start noticing things that are different, rather than the same. If I were to step away from my usual self-imposed limitations, what might I be capable of? Or, one of my all time favorites, if I were to embody pure grace right now, what might that feel like? See what happens. The art of the open-ended question is empowering.

You're capable of your wildest dreams. You simply are. You're worthy of them, too. But you have to start choosing to believe in yourself and see your limitless potential, rather than all the ways you can't do something. As you do this, as you consciously shift your circumstances, you'll give others around you inspiration and permission to do the same. And as a group, we ascend. Because we're all in this together. Cheers!

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