6 Signs You Need To Drop What You're Doing & Try CrossFit

If you're a CrossFitter, there's no such thing as too much CrossFit — you quickly inhale everything CrossFit-related on your newsfeed and then search for more. For you, this will hopefully be another article to forward to one of your non-CrossFitting friends.

If you're not a CrossFitter, sick of even hearing the word and this title alone angers you — Why do I need to try CrossFit? So I can eat my bodyweight in bacon, pick up heavy weights and join a cult? — I've saved you some time by pouring the whys into a shot glass. Here are the top six reasons why you should try Crossfit. I hope they challenge your thinking in some way or at the very least, bring some clarity to the chaos.

1. CrossFit scares the shit out of you.

Many are intimidated by what they see and hear about CrossFit. And I get it. All you have to do is watch a few videos to see the show: people lifting an absurd amount of weight over their heads, workouts that look more like military school bootcamp than a way to get fit.

What you don't see are assisted bands for pull ups, scaled weight and the one-on-one training session with a coach before you even jump into your first class. What many people don't know is that CrossFit is completely scalable to your fitness level. This means it comes with a parachute. In other words, it's safe.

So if the idea of doing a CrossFit class scares you, you should try it just to challenge that fear, not only making you stronger physically but also mentally which is what CrossFit is all about.

2. You're not seeing results with your current workout program.

There are many reasons why CrossFit has become so popular but at the end of the day, people are doing it because they see results.

At 41, I'm in the best shape of my life due to CrossFit. I was never overweight or an athlete, I was just your average John who found CrossFit while eating frozen yogurt one day and for the past five years, I've been using it to keep myself fit. Nothing I've tried has ever been as effective. The results you see are almost instantaneous as long as you're not as you're not inhaling donuts daily and hitting up late-night drive-throughs like a sex addict cruising porn sites.

So if you're not seeing what you want in the mirror with whatever fitness you're currently doing, you've got nothing to lose by giving CrossFit a try ... except fat. And a new mindset.

3. You're looking for new friends.

Creating sweat angles on the floor with twelve other half naked people four days a week forms quite a strong bond. What's unique about CrossFit isn't just the high intensity but also the high level of camaraderie that grows from something as simple as working out. I say "working out," but what I really mean is changing lives, both yours and others through common goals and the fiery passion that strips veneers and allows people to be themselves.

Simply put, CrossFit forces you to show yourself. And since that process requires vulnerability, it connects and creates relationships fairly quickly. So stop downloading social phone apps and kill two birds by getting fit while you're creating a new tribe.

4. You've never been an athlete.

Leaderboards. Times. Reps. Rounds. CrossFit is inherently competitive as everything is scored and timed. You may not choose to chase the fastest or strongest person in the class, but if you CrossFit long enough you'll eventually chase someone ... ideally yourself.

There's no escaping our natural desire to win, whatever that looks like for you. Combine that with the competitive energy that climaxes at the end of every hour and you'll be facing your inner athlete every time that red clock starts it's countdown. Discovering a new side of yourself can be an extremely empowering process, one that will bleed into other areas of your life.

5. You want to have better sex.

The proud screams that accompany someone's first non-assisted pull up, handstand push up or muscle up can be heard from miles away. They come from the surprise of doing what one thought they couldn't. Enough of these surprises, and your belief system changes.

There's a mental shift behind each scream and the byproduct of this process is the building of one's self-worth and confidence. Yes, the metabolic conditioning will translate directly into the bedroom and your partner will thank you for all the burpees you've done, but that's secondary. CrossFit will make you feel more confident and better about your body, the peanut butter and chocolate for better sex.

6. Judgement.

Fran. Wods. Burpees. Paleo. What was your time? I PR-ed today!

I get it — friends speaking a different language isn't only rude, it's also super-annoying. But right behind the annoyance door is usually judgement and if you follow that way down, you'll probably land in a puddle of fear. We judge when we are afraid.

Well, CrossFit isn't going anywhere, which means you're only going to hear more about this madness and get more annoyed, building a higher wall between you and whoever CrossFits in your life. If no one around you does, someone will soon ... trust me.

So instead of building a wall, why not turn you dial from hate to investigate? See what everyone's talking about. Taste the Kool Aid for yourself. It may not be for you, but at least you can finally know what's behind the curtain. Use CrossFit as a tool to squash judgement and stretch your resistance to new experiences, promoting your personal growth.

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John Kim, LMFT
John Kim, LMFT
John Kim, LMFT, aka The Angry Therapist, runs a practice that redefines “therapy” in the traditional...
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John Kim, LMFT
John Kim, LMFT
John Kim, LMFT, aka The Angry Therapist, runs a practice that...
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