7 Tricks To Spice Up Foreplay With Your Partner

Written by Martha Lee, PhD

Sexual tension is that fuzzy feeling, that erotic energy that two or more people who are interested in one another feel when they're close. When you throw anticipation, playfulness and perceived obstacles into the mix, it can frustrate (in a good way) that attraction.

The combination of pull and push can be oh-so-fun! It's all in the wanting and not knowing if more action would follow!

Here are some simple but unexpected ways you can ramp up the sexual tension with your partner ...

1. Emphasize eye contact.

Your eyes can seduce and less can be more. Look at this person you like, but just as they look back at you, look away. If you get caught looking, just smile and look away in a second. When you make someone wonder if you were actually looking at them, you're making them think of you and wonder if you're thinking of sex.

2. Get creative with touch.

Our skin is our biggest sexual organ. Vary your touch — from hard pressure on the shoulders with the soft pads of your fingers to light scratching with your nails over the back. Once in the bedroom, massage all over the body — not too hard but firm enough to encourage blood circulation.

3. Play with each other's hair.

Run your fingers through the hair lightly to stimulate what a scalp massage in shower might feel like. This can be erotic as it helps relax and arouse a person at the same thing. You may wish to pull the hair back slightly as the excitement builds. Remember: pain and pressure can go hand in hand.

4. Surprise their neck.

The neck and collarbone both have lots of nerve-endings. Biting and kissing roughly may lead to broken blood vessels and consequently love bites. Run your fingers smoothly along the edges of the collarbone. Licking along the edges of the neck can remind your partner of what is to follow as you head south.

5. Explore the ear.

Get to know your partner's ears by exploring around and behind them with your tongue, softly and sensually. Enact what you would do if kissing the lips. You may wish to also suck or pull on the edge of the ears with your lips. Nibble at the earlobes, breath into one ear and try talking about your fantasies.

6. Talk naughty.

Whenever the opportunity arises, talk about something funny-yet-sexy. You can be suggestive without being dirty. A great way is to describe out what you like being done to you. Things like "I am imagining the way your body will feel against my skin," "I would like your lips around my …"

7. Kiss differently.

Build the sexual tension by giving different kinds of kisses. Start off by tracing your index finger over their lips. Ask this person not to move as you begin your descent and place your lips over theirs. Don't be afraid to use your tongue to track their lips, and teasing your way into their mouth and see if there is a response!

Remember, sexual tension is a play of energies. Be mindful of the energy you project, bring your awesome personality and add a dash of childlike playfulness to the mix and you'll be more than fine.

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