5 Steps To Create A Vision For The Year (It's Better Than A Resolution)

This year, instead of using the word "resolution," consider creating a vision for the year.

I realize creating your vision seems like another one of those new age things you hear so much, but I 100% believe in it. There's scores of research that indicate mental rehearsal and visualization of an outcome increase the likelihood of that outcome happening. Andre Agassi stated that he felt déjà vu when he won Wimbledon in 1992 because he'd been imagining it since he was a child.

Visualization isn't always easy when you first start. After so many years of self-doubt, it feels impossible to imaging being happy in the body you've spent so many years trying to change. But if you follow these suggestions, you'll be creating a vision for the year in no time.

1. Allow yourself to drift.

Remember laying in bed when you were little, dreaming away? You were awake but you were creating incredible scenes and playgrounds for yourself. Your imagination was a strong muscle back then.

When I first started trying to visualize, it felt like pushing a square peg into a round hole. This is where allowing yourself to drift comes in. When you let your mind wander, you'll find that your senses are heightened and you're utterly relaxed. Once you're to that state, let your mind go to the images that inspire you.

2. Use a free-association approach.

Don't have any expectations for your vision. Allow yourself to be surprised by what you imagine. I promise it will be an incredible daydream.

3. Use music.

There's nothing more emotion-provoking than music. Find the song that brings up inspired feelings and play it as you relax.

4. Close your eyes daily.

The fantastic thing about visualization is that you can close your eyes and do it pretty much anytime, anywhere. If you need a shot of motivation, shut your eyes and go to your happy place. Make sure to really feel it. The more you do this, the more likely it is to materialize.

5. Don't try to control it.

Don't try to shove someone else's vision into your mind. You don't have to want a six pack and a beach vacation. You don't have to desire a luxurious home. This stuff isn't black and white. It's free association. Whatever comes up is what you're attracted to.

For a while, my vision of my hot bod was all about being on some Caribbean beach in a bikini. I kept trying to force it. I thought that was what I should want. The thing was, I'd never been to a Caribbean location and I didn't even own a bikini, so the image didn't move me.

I started again and let things flow. The pictures that came in were visceral, gorgeous and surprising.

I was in a white kitchen. I was wearing a slouchy t shirt, hanging to one side of my shoulder. I felt thin yet fit, and I felt "bright" somehow. Then my boyfriend came behind me and kissed me on the neck. Then my vision drifted to another room with light streaming in. It was my organized, artsy, colorful office. It was where I could film video blogs for my clients. I wasn't afraid of looking fat, I was excited. I felt amazing.

That vision left me feeling electrified. I could actually feel the way my body would feel in that life. What I realized is that I value love, my career helping women and a body that feels peaceful. I don't value the cookie cutter body.

That vision helped me achieve the body, peace and career success I have now. It continues to drive me forward.

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