3 Game-Changing Mindset Shifts To Attract More Money

Written by Lloyd Burnett

Do you set intentions to have more money every year? Do you create vision boards or visualizations to attract more abundance? After a couple weeks, do your intentions of wealth turn into long lost dreams and more financial struggle?

This year, you can do the same process and hope that you'll finally attract abundance, or you can change it up and move out of "living paycheck to paycheck" land forever.

Here are three steps to add to your intention-setting practice so that 2015 will be your most abundant year ever.

1. Investigate your thoughts about money.

Do you believe that money is hard to come by, you have to work really hard to earn money, or that there isn't enough money for everyone to be rich?

If so, your thoughts about money are unconsciously manifesting more financial struggle.

You're a master manifester, and you're constantly manifesting your reality. This may be a tough pill to swallow if you're struggling with money, because it means that you are manifesting your current struggle.

When you understand that you manifest everything in your life, from the ups to the downs, it means that you can finally step into your power and begin to consciously manifest what you want to experience.

Investigating your thoughts about money is the first step to becoming a powerful, conscious manifester.

If you think you have to work hard for money, the law of attraction will reflect your thoughts in your reality. You will attract circumstances that require you to work really hard to get money.

If you think that there isn't enough money in the world and money is hard to come by, once again you will attract circumstances into your life that make it difficult to obtain money and reflect the scarcity in your mind.

To interrupt this process of unconscious manifestation, ask yourself the following questions to release your money story:

What did I learn about money as a child? Is that story still serving me? What do I want my new story about money to be?

2. Ask from a place of abundance.

When you put a picture of a mansion on your vision board, and year after year you find yourself still living in a cramped apartment, it means that you may be asking for that mansion from a place of lack.

The law of attraction is based on your mindset, not your words and vision board.

Lack mindset attracts lack.

Abundant mindset attracts abundance.

To find out if you have a lack mindset, ask yourself the following questions:

Why do I want a mansion? Do I want it to impress others? Do I want it to get love? Do I want it to be worthy of approval and attention?

If you dig deep into your intentions and find that you want that mansion to be worthy of love, approval, or attention, that means you are asking from a place of lack. Your mindset is: "Right now, I'm not good enough and I need something outside of me to be worthy."

Therefore, you attract more circumstances into your life that mirror your mindset: "I'm not good enough."

To begin manifesting from a place of abundance, investigate your mindset to see if you are manifesting from a place of lack or abundance.

3. Live from a place of abundance.

When you spend money, is there a fear that you may not have enough in the future? Do you constantly seek out the best deal for fear of not having enough if you spend too much?

If you do, you could be living from a place of lack and therefore unconsciously attracting more lack.

If your focus is fixed on saving and living cheaply, there is no space for financial abundance in your life. Your thoughts most likely are based in a deeply ingrained fear of not having enough and therefore your reality will constantly reflect that.

This step is not about living outside your means or pretending that you have millions of dollars.

Living from a place of abundance means that you know that you are abundant no matter what material possessions you have. In addition, if you want to purchase something from a place of abundance rather than a place of trying to prove your worth, you will attract the right resources at the right time.

If you're ready to ditch the dreaming that one day you'll be rich, and instead investigate the stories that keep you in a cycle of lack, check out this free training on how to interrupt patterns of financial struggle and manifest the life of your dreams.

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