The Surprising Key To Sticking To Your Workout Plan

As the owner of a fitness franchise for over two decades, my workouts were always scheduled and I never had to think about fitting fitness into my life. Now, a year after closing my studio, I actively have to make time for exercise. The thing that has helped me the most, though, is having a workout partner to keep me on track and hold me accountable.

Here are six benefits of teaming up with a workout partner to share your fitness journey.

1. A workout partner provides accountability.

When there's someone meeting you at the gym, it's simply more likely that you'll leave the office in time for a yoga class and not be tempted by your couch and pajamas. You can even take it to the next level by agreeing to report in to your workout partner on the days you're working out separately (my partner and I swap schedules at the beginning of the week).

2. A workout partner enhances the fun factor.

Exercise shouldn't be a chore. It's not only a fundamental aspect of self care, it shapes our mental and emotional energy as much as our physical bodies. It impacts how we show up in the world. We're more likely to stick to an exercise program when we're having fun. The Burpees at kickboxing could be torturous, but with my workout partner adding his witty quips along the way, the laughing makes them more bearable.

3. A workout partner keeps it fresh.

It's easy to fall into an exercise rut and do the same things on the same schedule. A workout partner can challenge you to try new classes or different machines you may have avoided. Take turns choosing new classes or activities to try like ice skating or indoor rock climbing to keep things interesting. Bonus? New activities will also challenge your muscles in new ways.

4. A workout partner increases confidence.

Walking into an unfamiliar class or trying a new sport is more palatable when you have company. Having a cheerleader rooting for you may be just what you need to finally conquer the bike at your first spinning class.

5. A workout partner supports your goals.

Achieving a goal is much more likely when we say them aloud, write them down or both! I'm an avid goal setter, but it's the first time I've ever shared health and fitness goals with someone and it keeps me on track.

6. A workout partner elevates other habits.

Left to my own devices, I may follow my workout with a round of reality TV. and a glass of wine. Together, my accountability partner and I plan a healthy meal after our night workouts.

Good health is one of the greatest blessings we can experience. Find someone to share in protecting this gift and watch the benefits grow exponentially.

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