4 Tips For Fueling Your Winter Workouts

Written by mindbodygreen

Winter: It's the time of year when your body is most in need of a good sweat session, yet it's the season that makes it the hardest to work out. You're hauling a few extra pounds around after all of December's indulgences, and at the gym it seems nothing but high intensity boot camp classes are available. If you're an outdoors-only type, you're most likely dealing with make-me-want-to-crawl-into-bed brisk winds, cold air and dark, dark skies.

"New year, new you" is harder than you thought. How do you keep your energy up for workouts intense enough to get you shorts-ready by May? Try these 4 tips for fueling those tough, tough winter workouts.

1. Focus on fresh, whole foods.

Winter's tendency to turn us into hibernators often means we spend the winter months gobbling starchy foods like bread, pasta and sweets.

To keep your energy up for all the spin classes on your calendar this month, make a conscious effort to fill your plate with fresh whole foods like fruit, vegetables and lean protein. A varied diet helps your body obtain energy at a more reasonable, steady pace.

2. Nail your mid-afternoon snacks.

The best way to avoid reaching for junk food? Find wholesome snacks that you love and reach for them before your appetite gets out of control.

Check out LARABAR flavors such as Cherry Pie and Cashew Cookie. They contain less than five ingredients—like dates, cherries and cashews—and are super delicious.

3. Find your go-to pre-workout food.

When you're a little heavier than usual and a little out of shape (thanks, holiday party buffet), you need even more energy to make it through that cross training class in one piece. Going into it on an empty stomach? You'll start powering down 20 minutes in. LARABAR is a great snack to fuel your workout; try a LARABAR in Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip or Apple Pie.

4. Fuel your body post-workout, too.

During your intense winter workout, all you're thinking is, Will this body ever be beach-ready? After your session, all you can think is, Ow. Protein helps muscle repair and building, so reach for a LARABAR Alt Protein bar, like Peanut Butter Cookie or Chocolate Chip Macaroon – which have 10g of protein from an alternative protein source: peas.

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