12 Instagram Accounts To Follow For Green Beauty Inspiration

When it comes to greening your beauty routine, many people aren't sure where to look first. I'll be the first to admit it's an overwhelming world to dive into blindly, especially if you've been a fan of conventional cosmetics and skincare your whole life. After all, we can only read lists of toxins and ingredients to avoid so many times before everything starts to look the same and we want to turn and run back to the comfort of that delicious-smelling, lather-producing pink shampoo, right?

Fear not, intrepid natural beauties! There is help to be found ... on your phone.

Though not all are snapped equally, there are over 60,000 Instagram posts labeled #greenbeauty and another 78,000 tagged #organicskincare. From DIY masks with ingredients from your kitchen to smoothies for glowing skin, Instagram is the perfect spot for some visual inspiration.

So if it's green beauty you want, here are 12 of our favorite accounts to get you started on the path to a life of non-toxic self-care products and practices. Double tap if you're down!

Ella Woodward


... for healthy, glow-inducing recipes, yoga inspiration and silly selfies of experiments in DIY skin care.

Spending my Sunday relaxing, eating porridge, watching greys anatomy and doing homemade spirulina face masks with friends - too good! This is raw honey, spirulina, chlorella, lemon juice and coconut yoghurt, feels so soothing and amazing ❤️
A photo posted by Ella Woodward (@deliciouslyella) on

Hemsley + Hemsley

... for innovative takes on your favorite fruits, vegetables and superfoods that are bound to leave your skin radiant and your hair lush.

Rise and shine! A glass of warm lemon water in the morning can work wonders and is on our list of '10 things to do today' from #TheArtOfEatingWell
A photo posted by Hemsley + Hemsley (@hemsleyhemsley) on

Katey Denno

... for all things green makeup (and a behind-the-scenes peek at her gorgeous celebrity clients).

Starting the year off right: in a car, in the sunshine, on the way to my first press junket of 2015, with the gorgeous @mindykaling. #theMindyProject #MindyKaling #thebeautyofitis hair: @clarisshair
A photo posted by kateydenno (@kateydenno) on

Living Pretty Naturally

... for green product recommendations and seasonal beauty looks anyone would want to try out.

Wondering if my fave fall color from @rgbcosmetics "oxblood" should be called "beet blood" 😍 #Love #5free #nontoxic #greenbeauty #fall #autumn
A photo posted by k a t e (@livingprettynaturally) on

Adina Grigore

... for Brooklyn-based motivation from the founder of an awesome, all-natural skincare company.

Don't worry guys, the mask I tested on Adam definitely is in the book. #skincleanse
A photo posted by Adina Grigore (@adinagrigore) on


... for inspirational quotes and DIY skincare recipes good enough to eat.

1/2 cup ground #coffee + 1/2 cup coarse salt + 1/4 cup #coconutoil + 1 zested orange + a couple drops of LURK = Best Body Scrub #LURKtip #diy #beauty #tip #homemade #natural #greenbeauty
A photo posted by LURKbeauty (@lurkbeauty) on

Annie Samples

... for the ultimate in DIY, all-natural beauty (plus really cute baby pictures).

I hope you all had an amazing holiday season! We outdid ourselves a bit and now using this ingenious idea from @jennikayne to recover: fresh eucalyptus strung up in the shower 🌿🚿 #homemadewellness #naturalremedies #herbalism #naturalhealthcare #health #wellness
A photo posted by Homemade Beauty (@homemadebeautybyannie) on

Hannamari Rahkonen

... for gorgeous, professional photos of natural skincare remedies and product recommendations, all the way from Finland.

DIY -body scrub with spirulina and orange oil 🍊
A photo posted by Hannamari Rahkonen (@yellowmood_) on

Beauty Lies Truth

... for all the dirt of the beauty industry and a few killer tutorials.

We're so in love with this Perfect Red Lip tutorial by makeup artist and animal rights activist @emily.elisa. Part two in the next post! #DIYFriday #truthbeauty
A photo posted by BEAUTY LIES TRUTH (@beautyliestruth) on

Britanie Faith

... for the prettiest makeup looks you can get with green beauty products.

#GreenBeauty look using all @rmsbeauty products! Un Cover Up in "11" to cover redness and dark circles, Buruti Bronzer and Lip2Cheek in Demure on my cheeks, For my eyes I used Solar and Seduce Eye Polishes and blended really well, set with Un Powder on-top to prevent creasing. For my lips I am just wearing the beautiful Sublime Lip Shine 💋
A photo posted by Britanie Faith ॐ❥☮❁☪➳ (@beautybybritanie) on

Phoebe Lapine

... for fearless experiments in DIY natural skincare (plus delicious, healthy recipe ideas).

Experimenting with this antioxidant wonder fruit along with other pink acne-fighting ingredients for #vday and #thewellnessproject green beauty month. Two birds, one 🍎. Can you guess what I'm making?
A photo posted by Feed Me Phoebe (@phoebelapine) on

Annie Yates

... for natural living enthusiasm and simple, wholesome skincare tips.

My lemon - ginger hand scrub recipe was featured on @mindbodygreen today!!! Exciting times!!!
A photo posted by Annie (@wildheartnativesoul) on

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