Why You Should Try Colloidal Silver + 5 Ways To Use It

Silver combats fungus, viruses and harmful bacteria on contact. It's the original antibiotic and it makes sense why plattery and flatware were fashioned out of it. I love incorporating it into my day especially in the winter, both topically and by ingesting it. It helps the body to reach a deeper detoxification while strengthening the immune system. Make sure to look for one with the highest bioavailability, small particle size and high particle concentration. I really like MesoSilver.

1. To drink

It's featured in our ever popular Silver Strawberry, a blend of sprouted, organic almond milk, raw honey, and fresh strawberries, its my favorite application. Because of silver's mild taste you can slip it into you, your children's or your pet's drinks for an immunity boost that tastes like ice cream.

2. To beautify

I spray my face with rose water throughout the day and add a splash of silver into the spray bottle for a cleansing and anti-bacterial boost.

3. To heal

You can make your own immunity and cold tinctures at home by combining some of your favorite elements (garlic, astragalus, reishi, apple cider vinegar, camu camu, ginger, oil of oregano, lemon, turmeric, etc., etc., etc.) with a few drops of colloidal silver.

4. To cleanse

I definitely don't partake in toxic hand sanitizers, but before communal meals I like to present finger bowls with water, colloidal silver and either a blossom, petals, or some fresh herbs.

5. To fly

For flying and spending extended periods of time in indoor public spaces, I keep a tiny spray bottle of silver on hand to spray on and around myself as well as under my tongue.

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