The Ultimate Workout Playlist To Kick Off 2015

The end of December is officially in sight, which means a lot of us are already planning our New Year's resolutions. If your 2015 goals involve getting healthier and fitter, team MBG is here to provide a little motivation in the way of music. Below, you'll find the songs we found ourselves listening to over and over again for workout inspiration this past year, and trust us when we say there's truly something for everyone on this list: One Direction, Feist and Michael Jackson all make appearances.

Jessica Hansen, Sales Team

I'm also a Pilates Instructor and have been doing and teaching Pilates listening to Gwen Stefani's "Baby Don't Lie" during class. Why? It's an amazing, fun, upbeat song. She exudes the meaning #foreveryoung. She's one hot, cool, current mama and the youthfulness she exudes at her age makes me feel like if she can do it, I can do it! I have mad respect for the polka dot outfit she rocks in the video. It was such a breath of fresh air to see a beautiful artist fully clothed, sexy and rocking out. Reminder to have respect for your body, respect yourself and have fun!

Christina Liva, Editorial Team

I've been taking classes these days so whatever they're playing is what I'm listening to, but "Uncle ACE" by Blood Orange on the walk to the gym pumps me up and "All I Ever Need" by Caribou is nice afterwards, while the endorphins are still in action. When I need that extra push: "We Dem Boyz" by Wiz Khalifa.

Will Paley, Sales Team

I listen to La Roux's latest album (Trouble In Paradise) because she's got the most bad-ass hair, brilliant, fast-paced beats ... and one of her songs is called "Sexotheque."

Rebecca Stump, Sales Team

"212," Azealia Banks: It's always fun to listen to songs about where you live. And I wish they still gave out that area code.

"***Flawless," Beyonce: Makes me feel like the baddest bitch at the gym.

"Sanctified," Rick Ross (ft. Kanye West & Big Sean): The beat is sick and unexpected, and like Rick and Yeezus, I also want a hundred million dollars.

Anthony Schneck, Editorial Team

"It Ain't Gonna Save Me," Jay Reatard: This frenetic, high-energy rocker is perfect for when you're pushing to go that extra mile, and it perfectly encapsulates Reatard's legacy.

"How Can You Really," Foxygen: Foxygen's most recent album is one of 2014's best, and this is the most coherent, feel-good throwback track on it.

"Forgiven/Forgotten," Angel Olson: Off another of 2014's standout albums, this track preserves the tradition of 90s-influenced, hard-rocking goodness and is great for when you're getting into a rhythm at the gym.

Jason Wachob, Founder & CEO

This year I fell in love with working out to "Morning Star" by Cass McCombs as well as "White Winter Hymnal" by Fleet Foxes. Both are mellow pick-me-ups that seemed to really work for me. Also, I got to know two of my favorite artists on a personal level this year, Ed Droste from Grizzly Bear and Leslie Feist from Feist, so I found myself listening a lot of their music in a way that was different and more special than I did before. They both became my go-tos for yoga practice.

Heidi Pashman, Editorial Team

I'm one of those people who can't imagine a good run or workout without a good playlist. I can get bored of my playlists quickly though, so am always trying to find new tunes (thank you, Spotify!). These are some of my favorites from 2014 — the ones that, no matter how many times I listen to them, I always want to bust a move!

Allie White, Editorial Team

"Do It Again," Royksopp & Robyn: The build up to the chorus on this one is perfect for spin class. A slow climb to and all-out sprint.

"Fireball," Pitbull ft. John Ryan: My boyfriend continues to make fun of me for rocking out to Pitbull, but honestly, I've yet to find someone whose music is as easy to work out to as Mr. Pitbull.

"Trumpets," Jason Derulo: I just found out this song is almost two years old but I don't care. Trumpets should be required for every treadmill session.

"If You Didn't See Me (Then You Weren't On The Dance Floor)," Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.: Not only do they have the best band name in my opinion, but Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. has perfected the mellow-yet-upbeat track I sometimes need for mellower workouts.

"Jealous (I Ain't With It)," Chromeo: One half of this duo has his Ph.D. in French Literature from Columbia. This has nothing to do with fitness, but anyone who is smart AND makes killer music earns a spot on my workout playlist. Also, this song is just insanely fun.

"I Will Never Let You Down," Rita Ora: I'm willing to forgive Rita her relationship with Rob Kardashian because 1) she seriously rocks that pink hair in the music video for this song and 2) every time I'm feeling like I can't make it to the end of my workout, this song magically comes on and it pushes me to finish because ... "I will never let [me] down."

"Love Never Felt So Good," Michael Jackson & Justin Timberlake: If Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake can't get you up and moving, there's no hope.

"Time To Dance," The Shoes: Jake Gyllenhaal runs on a treadmill at the beginning of this video, and then eats Indian food at the end. So I just channel my inner Donnie Darko during a run and all is right. Then I usually order delivery while stretching.

Andy Santamaria, Sales Team

"P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Things)," Michael Jackson: On repeat. No joke. Strangely the beat lines up with my stair workout.

Andrea Rice, Editorial Team

"Those Who Live For Love Will Live Forever," Prince Rama: When I first saw the Hare Krishna-inspired duo Prince Rama play at a small show in Big Sur [California], I was pretty blown away. The eclectic psychedelic sisters are Brooklyn mainstays and on a steady rise in the indie arena. This catchy, disco-laden song always lifts me up on a moody day and gives my long runs a much-needed boost when I need it most.

Charlotte Lieberman, Editorial Team

"Bailando," Enrique Iglesias (ft. Sean Paul, Descemer Bueno and Gente de Zona): This song makes me want to dance. So, even if I'm bored on the treadmill, I can feel like I'm at a dance party. Plus, because the video features such awesomely cheesy dance segments, I have watched it a million times, and immediately associate the song with the video. In other words, all I can think about it dancing. Also, the video is filmed in warm-weather, festive Santo Domingo. To me, it's a perennially summery song. Even now. And that gives me energy.

"Fancy," Iggy Azalea: Um, who doesn't want to feel fierce and fancy after a workout? This song makes me feel like my workout is a preparation for how awesome and fly I'm going to feel once I'm done sweating, and showered and ready to go with my day (or night!).

"Don't Wanna Be Your Girl," Wet: This trio is about to hit it big. They fuse hip-hop beats, soulful singing and electro-rock guitar to make super original, sensual-yet-understated hip-hop-pop-rock. Really, this song is like a million genres in one. It may be a breakup anthem, but it is inspiring. What more do you need during a workout?

Tim Glenister, Co-Founder & CTO

My daughter would like to request "Shake It Off." [Ed. note: we support you, tiny Glenister!]

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