Here's Why You're Stuck At A Lame Job

There are those who are working a bad job by choice and those who are stuck there. If you're stuck in your job, it's your thinking that's keeping you stuck. It's time to change

I once knew a man named Steve, and Steve changed my life without him realizing it. I remember watching Steve walk into his house like an old man would climb stairs — with a mysterious pain stabbing his joints every time he took a step. Steve wasn't that old. He shouldn't walk like this, I thought.

But after a while, I realized the only reason Steve walked like an old man because the job he worked had him constantly carry the burden and frustration of unrealized dreams. His unhappiness was affecting his body. Steve was stuck. It was then that Steve (without realizing it whatsoever) fully convinced me never to feel stuck in a job I hated.

But Steve stuck with his job for many of the reasons we tend to. We can all relate with the idea of "sticking with" something.

Yet the problem is, I don't think many common reasons for "sticking with" something are valid anymore — at least not in today's world. But maybe you're like Steve. And maybe you're stuck at a lame job because of flawed reasoning.

If so, here are a few reasons that are possibly keeping you stuck:

1. You need money.

By extension, you believe you can't get money in any other way.

But the truth is, money is a resource that can be acquired in a number of ways. We, as people in need of this resource, get to choose which path would make us happy while making the most money. Money doesn't have this power of choice over us. We can choose how we make our money.

Many people neglect this truth. They shut down all the possibilities of making money before they even try anything. If this is you, realize there are many paths to money and success. Don't sacrifice your health and happiness by choosing the path of least resistance.

2. You're too tired from your job to try anything else.

Some people's jobs wear them out so much that when they get home at the end of the day, they don't have the energy to figure out a different path (or even make plans with friends, cook dinner, or go to the gym). This is how we get stuck in a cycle of bad jobs. We let our jobs wear us out to the point of utter exhaustion, and then when we get tired of that job, we accept the next easy offer for a job only to get stuck in the same pattern.

Don't perpetuate this by cycling through bad jobs, again and again. Take the time to go overtime with your search. Set aside a specific time each day to figure out the best path forward. It'll be exhausting in the short haul, but beneficial in the long run.

3. You believe you should hate your job.

We all kind of hate work, right? Wrong. Sure, many of us have grown up in an environment where our parents hated their jobs. Living in this attitude has cultivated the same view for us, that we should hate our jobs.

Yet the reality is, our work is not a means to an end. Work should be how we leave our legacy in society. It shouldn't be something we hate.

Believing hate is the nature of working jobs is what's keeping you stuck. When you hate your job, you wrongly reason that this is how it is supposed to be. But it's not. Change your thinking. Pursue a job you love.

4. Your boss and/or co-workers say they need you.

You might have contemplated leaving a job a long time ago. But when you did, your boss or your peers convinced you otherwise. So now, you can't go anywhere: they need you too much. Or at least they say they do ...

Well, it isn't heroic to stay with a job because your peers say they need you. This is simply not caring for yourself, not giving yourself forward mobility to excel in life.

Your boss and peers, if they care enough about you (which ostensibly they claim to if they express such need for your talents!), should see you pursuing another opportunity as the best option.

5. You haven't built another path for yourself.

The main reason many people can't leave their jobs is because they haven't taken the time to build another path for themselves.

When you know you're not where you're supposed to be, that's the best time to make connections, go double-time with your passions, or find ways to excel somewhere else. Then, when you're ready to leave your job, you'll easily be able to jump to the next path and make money. You won't take much of a risk leaving your job then. Instead, leaving would be the best calculated move forward.

Don't let these reasons keep you stuck. We live in a world of opportunity that's slowly defeating any "valid" reasoning we might have to remain stuck.

You don't have to stay where you are. The world is calling you to move forward with it. You just have to decide if moving forward means sticking with your job, or going a different path.

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