Top 3 Beliefs That Are Sabotaging Your Income

What we make of our lives — our relationships, our passions, our careers, and more — are all contingent on how we perceive ourselves and what we believe we're capable of. By extension, if we are plagued by self-doubt and fear, we keep ourselves down. This can affect things as concrete as our income: our self-worth and our financial "worth" are linked.

Don't believe it? Well, here are three of the top fears that keep us from making what we are worth ...

1. Fear of Rejection

I have had many million-dollar ideas that I get so excited about, work really hard on, only to then allow self-doubt to creep up and obliterate all my hopes and dreams.

For a long time, I believed that little voice in my head that would ask tough questions about the viability of my business and skills and shrouded my work in doubt. This ultimately would lead to me giving up on my idea or pausing my project to chase another rainbow that all of the sudden seemed like an even better business opportunity.

After noticing that this doubt was a pattern in all of my business endeavors, I began questioning the voice in my head and realized that it wasn't doubt, it was actually a fear that people would see my work and reject me. What better way to avoid rejection than to not put my work out into the world so that nobody had an opportunity to reject me?

If fear of rejection is sabotaging you, and your income, I invite you to ask yourself a couple questions:

  • Do I want to continue protecting myself through self-doubt or am I willing to find another way to keep myself safe in the event of rejection?
  • How can I keep the part of me that is afraid of rejection safe and get my work out into the world at the same time?

2. Fear of Disappointing

After graduating from a prestigious boarding school, I spent the next four years studying in an Ivy League institution. Even with my strong educational background, I still have had many moments of complete lack of clarity and confusion around my purpose. In these moments, I feel stifled, blocked, and completely incapable of taking productive steps in my business.

I thought it was because I just had to dig deeper to discover my purpose, but I realized that it was simply a fear of disappointing others. I procrastinated launching my business by continuing to collect degrees and certifications and by doing extensive, often completely unnecessary amounts of market research.

When I realized that I was procrastinating, I decided to investigate my story that I had to acquire more skills to be ready to start my business.

I found that I was terrified of launching my business, having it fail, and people discovering that I wasn't as good as they thought. More accurately, I was afraid of them thinking that I was a disappointment and a total loser. What better way to avoid the pain of seeing the disappointment in people's eyes than to bury myself in the preparation stages and never launch anything?

If you find that you're avoiding launching your program because you're afraid of disappointing others, I invite you to ask yourself these questions:

  • Who am I afraid of disappointing?
  • How can I take care of the part of me that is afraid of disappointing (insert person's name) and take action in my business at the same time?

3. Fear of Stereotypes

Everybody in business always says, "Sales are the lifeline of your business."

Well, at one point my lifeline was dead! I was having some trouble writing sales copy and asking people to buy from me. I thought it was because I needed some more sales strategies, but I realized that it went deeper than finding the right techniques. It was about preconceptions I had about "being rich."

Growing up, I had learned a lot of things about rich people and what they do to get rich. Some of the ideas included: "Rich people lie and steal," "It's rich people's fault that there is so much poverty," "Rich people are wasteful."

These ideas never felt right to me, but that doesn't mean that I didn't absorb some of them into my subconscious ...

When I investigated my problems with sales, I realized that a part of me was afraid of making sales and getting rich because that would mean that I "lie and steal," "cause poverty," and am "wasteful." What better way to protect myself from being a "filthy" rich person than to avoid selling anything — to prevent myself from ever becoming rich?!

If you think stories that you learned about rich people and money are causing you to have trouble selling, I invite you to answer this question: What does the part of me that learned that being rich is bad need in order to feel safe and make money at the same time?

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