A Guided Meditation To Rebalance Your Root Chakra

Written by Lauren Zavlunov

The 7 Chakras exist in each and every one of us. According to yogic tradition, they are points of energy that run throughout our body offering balance, harmony and a fuller understanding of our connection to the higher source.

The chakras are often represented as circles of color along the spine, each one with its own connection to the body and symbolized by particular images, elements and mantras. When these points align, the body experiences optimal health, the mind ultimate peace and the spirit, immeasurable joy!

Although this may seem like a complex system to some, anyone can benefit from meditating and working with the chakras, even if you have not done so before.

The Root Chakra is a wonderful place to start. It is the location of our primal and physical needs. When this chakra is out of balance we loose our footing, and our sense of safety and feeling grounded. But when in balance, we can experience a deeper sense of security, stability and connection to the earth.

Here's a short meditation I created for you, to help rebalance your Root Chakra and leave you feeling more grounded. I hope you enjoy!

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