10 Reasons To Trash Your Toxic Beauty Products Right Now

Natural beauty products are all the rage right now, and it's no wonder why! Making the conscious decision to embrace a pure, organic and toxin-free beauty regime will not only lead to better skin, but an overall improved lifestyle. Here are 10 reasons to get rid of your toxic beauty products right now and swap them out for natural, organic alternatives.

1. Your skin will glow.

Your skin may absorb around 60% of what you put on it, so of course we want to apply the healthiest products possible to give our skin that unrivaled, natural luminosity. There's just no way toxin-laden, mainstream products are going to induce the same kind of radiant glow.

2. Skin sensitivity will be reduced.

Clean, toxin-free beauty products are fabulous for the very fact that they can help eradicate skin irritation and sensitivity since inflammation of the skin is often caused by the harsh chemicals, soaps and fragrances found in conventional products.

3. You'll get fewer breakouts.

If your skin is clogged with nasty toxins and chemicals, breakouts are inevitable. This is especially the case for skin that's prone to imbalance and oil. If you switch to chemical-free formulas and natural alternatives, you're literally detoxifying this build up of toxins, meaning fewer blemishes and clearer skin over time. Huzzah!

4. Making the switch is way easier than you think.

Switching up your old beauty routine for a cleaner one is easier than you think! Start with one product a week if you want to take baby steps, or invest in beauty bundles. You can always work your way up from there.

5. You'll receive a cocktail of skin-loving ingredients.

The majority of ingredients found in toxin-free beauty products are antioxidant, vitamin- and mineral- rich, meaning skin can receive a myriad of skin-loving nutrients to help with its regeneration and revival.

6. Your makeup will still look awesome.

As more and more brands jump on the natural beauty bandwagon, makeup products are being expertly formulated to be just as effective as mainstream brands. This means you're getting better wearability, stronger pigments and higher coverage without the skin-clogging toxins.

7. You'll be kind to animals.

The majority of products available on the toxin-free beauty market are cruelty-free and often vegan, meaning you can be assured the products you're using haven't compromised the safety and wellbeing of animals. Kind, clean beauty is the future!

8. You'll expose yourself and your loved ones to fewer health risks.

Don't just stop at beauty products! You might think the products in your home aren't doing much harm, but evidence has revealed that many are actually linked to health issues, from rashes to asthma. If you've been dreaming of cleaning up your beauty routine or cleansing your home products, now is the time.

9. You'll help the environment.

Many natural products are dedicated to organic, green and eco practices. Not only will they leave you more beautiful, they'll also leave the earth as beautiful as nature intended.

10. You'll love yourself even more than you already do!

If you truly care about your health and well-being, you'll care about the products you're applying each day. Most people are conscious of what they eat, so it's time now to be just as conscious of what products you use each day.

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