Watch This Badass Yogi Do Asanas On A Speeding Motorcycle

Gugulotu Lachiram, a 40-year-old yogi turned daredevil guru, is a hero in his hometown of Khammam, India. Six years ago, Lachiram was watching stuntmen on television when he decided to emulate their death-defying acts himself. "I thought if they can do it why can't I, so I started practicing yoga on my bike," he recently told Barcroft Media.

No stranger to following his passion, Lachiram found a way to combine his two loves yoga and his motorbike to create a unique high-flying performance all his own. With a regular yoga practice of two hours a day, Lachiram is capable of holding several yoga-inspired asanas while speeding on his Honda at 60kph (about 40mph), traveling a distance of up to five kilometers.

Placing himself seemingly with ease atop three different points on his bike the tank, the middle and the seat he seems to defy gravity. He is at times completely hands-free, as he shifts and shapes his body in ways that most of us would only attempt with a sturdy mat on solid ground beneath our feet.

"I completely love doing stunts on my bike," he said, "I will continue to do so for the next 15 years." Audacious and young at heart, Lachiram aspires to eventually perform his stunts on a national level for his country. Although his fearlessness has awarded him fame in his region of India, not everyone approves of his adventurous antics. His peers worry about his safety, however it is the growing support from young people that keeps him going. But his oldest son still cautions his father: "When I first saw my dad doing stunts I got afraid," he said, "(but) I'm proud of my dad and I wish my father to continue."

With a blessing like that, it would seem that Lachiram has nothing (additional) to fear.

Video by BarcroftTV

Photo via NY Post.

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