The Best Thing I Did For My Skin Was Put Down The Acne Treatments

Written by Victor Udeh-Martin

Acne is probably one of the most irritating and annoying skin problems I can think of. My experience with it was devastating and painful — my acne was severe and rash-like, leaving almost no spot on my face blemish-free. It came in different sizes and took forever to fade. Once every two weeks (sometimes even more frequently), I'd walk to the local drugstore to get another anti-acne product (usually different from the last one I used).

The prescriptions I got were endless, as were the recommendations I received (acne scrub, oil-free facial wash, oil control cream, etc.). But nothing worked and many increased the severity of what I already had (in addition to depleting my bank account).

After talking to a few friends, one offered me a small bottle of barbary fig seed oil. Despite Younes suggestion, I'd never heard of the product and was wary to try it. After all, wasn't my face oily enough already? But desperation for clear skin prevailed, and I decided to give it a try (not without reservations, though!).

Miraculously, my acne started disappearing at an alarming rate and the oil began paving the way for smooth, clear and tender skin.

Putting oil on skin that's already oily may seem counterintuitive, but countless studies have proven just the opposite. Acne patients often have lower-than-normal levels of linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid that controls that rate at with our skin naturally produces sebum. If your skin produces too much oil (sebum), it's possible that you're deficient in linoleic acid and need to find it elsewhere as your skin can't produce it naturally. My miracle product, barbary fig seed oil, was chock full of linoleic acid and so did wonders in lessening my acne.

Before I found a treatment that worked for me, I felt like I was the only adult in the world who was still suffering from the acne that had plagued me during my adolescent and teenage years. But I am here to tell you that you are NOT alone. Three in every four adults experience it in their lifetime.

One thing I understand now is that the secret to healthy, youthful looking skin isn't found in any man-made elixir that sits in the beauty aisles in your local drugstore. Nor is it mixed up behind a pharmacy counter. It's found in nature. Between the whole, natural foods you put into your body that express themselves on your skin and the all-natural, from-the-earth products you treat yourself with, nature is the answer to glowing, clear, vibrant skin.

Finally, remember to always smile even when you feel like your acne is all anyone can see. Your skin does not define you and a smile is a humble act that will heal and uplift your spirit and everyone around you.

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