Conversations With The Divine: Wisdom Gained From Lucid Dreaming

Written by Jeff Cannon

I started writing my book, The Conversation after experiencing a series of lucid dreams while on the Greek island of Ithaca. These dreams opened me up to a level of awareness and enlightenment that I was able to carry home with me.

What I was granted in those dreams also carried me through my eighth brain surgery, a 14-hour ordeal that left me unable to see, speak or stand. They carried me through six months of recovery until I was finally able to write and edit my story.

Each dream was a sort of conversation with what I can only call a higher intelligence that answered so many of the questions we all have about the nature of life, death and the meaning to this human experience we are all a part of.

These dreams confirmed much of what we already suspect about science and spirituality, God and evolution, physics and metaphysics, and the transcendence of the human toward the divine. They provided me with personal growth, self-actualization and even transcendence, all of which changed my life for the better. This very knowledge could change your life, too.

Here are seven pieces of wisdom I gained from my conversations with the divine, during these periods of lucid dreaming:

1. You are simply energy.

Our consciousness exists as concentrations of energy within a larger sea of energy that flows all around us and through us, every minute of every day. The humanity of your existence is like a lens that provides your consciousness with a new perspective through which to experience existence. When you transcend your human experience you will begin to see beyond your five senses, until you see reality as it truly is.

2. Everything you experience is an echo of reality.

You sense reality through the filters of your human form. You also sense reality through the filter of your emotions. Each of these distorts your view of reality, and are based on your own individual understanding of the world around you. It is not good or bad, it simply is. It is why it is so important to release yourself from it and move on. True reality will be there waiting for you in the end.

3. Change your thoughts and change your reality.

While in the human experience, you can change your reality by changing your perspective and the vantage point from which you experience reality. When you change your emotional outlook, you can learn to change everything.

4. Everything moves in circles.

Look all around you galaxies spin, planets orbit, ties ebb and flow. Life itself moves in a never ending cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth. You can never break this cycle, but you can evolve beyond it. Let go of the humanity, and you open yourself up to the divinity within you.

5. Death and judgment are human constructs.

There is no death of your spirit it is eternal. When the human body has done its job, your spirit is freed. It moves on. At that moment, there is no judgment, there is no book of deeds to be measured. There is only your spirit leaving your body with the love and the experiences it has gained while on earth, so that it can soar free.

6. Your only task is to love.

Your only task while on Earth and in the human experience is to love. Each time you learn to overcome hate and anger, you are one step closer to your own transcendence. It is the reason your spirit chose to experience existence through humanity, so that it can gain a new perspective on all that is.

7. The energy of existence is the energy of love.

The sea of energy that we all exist in, is the sea of love that we feel around us every day. When you open yourself up to it, when you learn not to close down, you will have a direct channel to the energy that is all around you.

We have all felt the energy of a room the moment we walked in. We have felt the energy of those around us, whether it is good or bad. The energy of existence is real. It is there. To tap into it, you simply need to stop yourself from closing down. When you do, you will find how easy and natural it is to remain open to all that is.

And when you learn to do that, only then will you be able to bask in your own everlasting light.

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