This Is What A Yogi Looks Like (Video)

The topic of body image in the yoga world is not a new conversation. However, the ways in which the yoga community is uprising against the mainstream view of what is the "perfect" body, is revolutionary.

In the past few years alone, dozens of nonprofit organizations and business are being built on the premise of reclaiming your body as a yoga body. It didn't take long for people to realize that the media culture surrounding yoga was following in the footsteps of the fashion industry and Hollywood, leaving lots of potential yogis to feel marginalized.

As a result, yoga communities are now rising their voices, collaborating on projects and creating partnerships with corporations to expand their image of the yoga body.

This past summer, as an effort to get all the experts, influencers and body positive teachers on the same team, the Yoga and Body Image Coalition was formed. Not only does the Coalition provide a access to a variety of body positive teachers and programs around the world, but the Coalition is also changing the momentum of media towards a more diverse representation of just what a yogi looks like.

Yoga really is for every body. For a moment of inspiration, watch this video:

Pictured in the cover photo is the author and Yoga and Body Image Coalition Cofounder, Melanie Klein.

Photo by: Sarit Z. Rogers Photography

Video by: Nathan Funk

Music by: Kevin Paris

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