3 Things We Can Learn From Quentin Tarantino

If you've never seen Quentin Tarantino speak about his life or his films on shows like Charlie Rose or Iconoclasts, you're missing out. Beyond being one of the best filmmakers of our time, Tarantino is also extremely interesting and insightful, and—whether he knows it or not—inspiring.

Here are three things we can learn from Quentin Tarantino:

1. Be true to yourself... In his first ever interview with Charlie Rose in 1994, while discussing Pulp Fiction, Tarantino said, "I've had something—and I guess I still have it to this day—that stopped me in school a little bit—quite a bit, actually—where it's like anything that I'm not interested in—I can't even feign interest. I can't do just this little bit…"

2. Have faith in your gifts... "God had put me on earth to do this thing—he's not going to take me out before I can do it…I grew up in L.A., and I loved earthquakes—I didn't care if they happened in the morning, the afternoon, the evening. I didn't get out of bed; I'd surf the earthquake. God didn't put me on the earth to die in an earthquake. After Pulp Fiction, maybe I could go."

3. Visualize your success... While discussing Inglourious Basterds with Rose, Tarantino said, "At the writing stage, I look forward to coming to this table and talking to you!"

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