Eating Vegan Around the World with Carolyn Scott

In 1998, Carolyn moved to Los Angeles from Miami. Shortly after, she became vegan, but as an avid traveler she found it quite difficult to find vegan-friendly restaurants abroad. After realizing she could find and/or manipulate any menu to create a meal that satisfied her as well as her dining partners, she created the Healthy Voyager to show people that your dietary restrictions should not ruin you or your travel mates’ trip, be it business or pleasure.

MBG: What does living healthy and green mean to you?

CS: It means optimal health so that you can enjoy life much better, and longer, than if you aren't being mindful of your health and environment.

Is there a healthy and/or green destination that's unexpectedly healthy/green?

Well, when I went to Kenya I thought for sure I'd be living on bread and bottled water. I was so happy that I ate such a wonderful variety of vegan food and being out on the Masai Mara Game Reserve connected me to nature more than any other place I've been. Surprisingly healthy and green!

What's the easiest city to be healthy and green?

I have to say Portland, Oregon. I loved how they promote biking all over the city with more than ample bike lanes and bike parking. The availability of healthy, special diet food is unbelievable. And being in a city that is surrounded by so much greenery and beautiful terrain, it's hard to not lead an active outdoor lifestyle. Although I live in LA and it's very easy to find what you need here to be healthy and green.

What are some of your favorite places to eat around the world?

I live for dining in San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, New York, and oddly enough, London!

NYC: Candle Cafe, Candle 79, Pure Food & Wine, Gobo

San Francisco: Herbivore, Millennium, Maggie Mud (pictured, right)

Portland: Bella Faccia Pizzeria, Portobello Trattoria, Sweet Pea Baking Company, Blossoming Lotus

London: Saf, Inspiral, Gourmet Burger Kitchen (yep, great vegan stuff)

You have a degree in holistic nutrition -- what are some of the best foods we should be eating more of? What should we avoid?

The more plant based your diet, the better off you are. Plant based foods are filled with essential vitamins, nutrients, protein, fiber and antioxidants. Get rid of processed foods and do your best to cook at home. This way you have control of what goes into your food as far as salt, sugar, fat, etc. Limit your intake of caffeine and other stimulants, drinking water is key! Also limiting your intake of animal based products (meat and dairy) will also keep you from having an acidic body. Plant based foods are alkaline and neutralize acid so do your best to consume less man made stuff and eat more natural, whole foods.

Favorite thing about traveling? Least favorite?

My favorite is making new memories and leaving my life behind for a little while. Traveling gives you perspective while giving you a break from your daily life.

My least is prepping for travel and how expensive it has gotten what with all of the fees, etc. It makes packing and planning that much more stressful. But once I'm on the plane, I leave it all behind ; )

Do you have any travel essentials with regards to natural products?

I always pack plenty of my To Go Brand Go Green packets. Each packet, when mixed with 8 oz of water, is equivalent to 6 servings of fruit and vegetables. Perfect when you don't know where and what you will be eating on the go as it is vitally important to keep your immune system up while you're away from home. I also always pack sneakers so I can squeeze in a workout as well as my glass water bottle so that that I don't need to spend $ or pollute the environment with plastic bottles.

What are you working on now? What's next?

I'm in the process of writing my first cookbook, The Healthy Voyager's Global Kitchen. It is due out in the fall of 2011. In addition, we've added some more shows like our Lighter Shade of Green Show (green living) and am in talks to bring the main travel show to TV. Lots going on and all very exciting!

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