8 Steps To Check In With Yourself Before You Check Social Media

Right now is as good a time as any, to be thankful for all the simple little treasures in our lives. By being thankful, we practice mindfulness and develop feelings of abundance and happiness. So why are so many people not happy this time of year?

Every day, people are spending more time checking in with some form of social media, instead of taking that time to check in with themselves. This allows past hurt, fears or complacency to keep them on the same monotonous page of life, as they scroll through their never-ending social newsfeed. By failing to check in with themselves, they also fail to achieve their highest potential in life.

So instead of letting the holidays get you down, try boosting your energy with some gratitude. Here's a meditation you can do in about 10 minutes, that will allow you to check in with yourself before you check in with social media.

Simple Treasures Meditation

1. Think or write down at least three things you are grateful for. There is no right or wrong answer, nor is there a limit to the abundance in your life. Feel free to add to this list as often as you'd like. Refer to it whenever you're presented with a fear, or you're feeling down or indecisive. Notice how instantaneously your mood is uplifted, every time you acknowledge these words.

2. Say or read each item on your gratitude list aloud. Allow your positive thoughts to flow and acknowledge what your body feels like. You may stop here or keep going, delving deeper to embrace the positive by releasing the negative. Gratitude alone for your material and metaphysical life, is a simple treasure enough to foster a positive mood. However, by accepting and releasing negative thoughts, we encourage and harvest the positive ones.

3. Close your eyes and take a deep breath in through your nose. Pretend your belly is like a balloon inflating with air. Now release that breath as if releasing the air from that balloon. Repeat two more times.

4. Keeping your eyes closed; imagine a knob and a faucet. The knob is turned off. This represents pent up emotions and negative thoughts those icky feelings and fears inside of your head. Acknowledge whatever thoughts (good or bad) that come to your mind, but know that it's OK that they are there.

5. Now imagine yourself turning the knob open and allowing all of the negative thoughts to escape like flowing water out of the faucet. Acknowledge each thought while imagining it to flow out of you. Bid them farewell and say, "I acknowledge these negative thoughts, but I have so much more to be thankful for." Take a moment to remember the gratitude list you started with. You may begin to feel lighter or calmer. Embrace whatever feelings come to you.

6. Breathe in and out deeply, while allowing your mind and body to come together. What do you feel? Embrace it.

7. Open your eyes and notice how colors may appear brighter and truer to their actual hue. Sounds are more distinct and calming. When you stop to listen, you create a tranquil space around you.

8. Now feel. Feel the gentleness of the air around you. Let it dance across your skin, kissing every part of your body and leaving nothing but love and warmth, comforting you like a cozy blanket. Take another deep breath in and exhale. Continue to breathe, relax and feel.

This is how we should live every day. By checking in with ourselves we take the time to live effortlessly. To live any other way obstructs the natural flow of our life purpose. By embracing or acknowledging our true inner self, a feeling of freedom and contentment hugs every limb, while every breath taken nurtures the entire body structure. Feel stronger, whole and alive. Dare I even say, feel happier? Yes! Feel happier and enjoy the simple treasures in your life!

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