A 20-Minute Workout For A Guilt-Free Thanksgiving

This workout is designed to torch your fat and create a sexy, toned body in 20 minutes. Perform it before Thanksgiving to enjoy a guilt free indulgence and/or after dinner to burn it all off.

One thing to note: This routine isn't equipment-free. You'll need weights and a treadmill, so clear off the boxes that have no doubt accumulated on your parents' unused treadmill over the years, dust off that control pad and finally give that piece of equipment some attention!

20 Minute Cardio & Strength Training Interval

This routine is composed of five minute rounds that alternate between cardio on the treadmill and strength training on the floor. Switching back and forth like this maximizes fat burning and aides in achieving lean muscle. Perform each exercise on the floor for 60 seconds, as many reps as possible in the time allotted. For proper dumbbell weights and running speeds, see the guide below.

Weight and speed suggestions


  • Beginner: 5-8 lbs
  • Intermediate: 8-10 lbs
  • Advanced: 10-12 lbs


  • Beginner: 15 lbs
  • Intermediate: 20 lbs
  • Advanced: 25 lbs


  • Beginner: 5.0 MPH jog, 6.0 run, 7.0 strong run, 8.0+ sprint
  • Intermediate: 6.0 MPH jog, 7.0 run, 8.0 strong run, 9.0+ sprint
  • Advanced: 7.0 MPH jog, 8.0 run, 9.0 strong run, 10.0+ spring

Part I: Treadmill

  • Minute 0-1: Jog
  • Minute 1-2: Run
  • Minute 2-3: Jog
  • Minute 3-4: Run
  • Minute 4-5: Strong run

Part II: Strength training

  • Push ups: On hands and balls of feet or knees, keep your hands under your shoulders and bend at the elbow to lower chest toward the floor. Press up and repeat. (minute 5-6)
  • Plank: On elbows, forearms and balls of feet, keep your body straight and raised off the floor. Inhale and exhale while engaging your core and maintaining the position. (minute 6-7)
  • Mountain climbers: With hands and balls of feet on the ground, bring one knee toward your chin and return it to start before switching to the other knee. Alternate quickly. (minute 7-8)
  • Push ups (minute 8-9)
  • Plank (30 seconds)
  • Mountain climbers (30 seconds)

Part III: Treadmill

  • Minute 10-11: Jog
  • Minute 11-12: Run
  • Minute 12-13: Speed run
  • Minute 13-14: Jog
  • Minute 14-15: Sprint

Part IV: Strength Training

  • Bicep curls with weights: Standing, hold a weight in each hand with arms extended down, palms facing forward. Exhale and curl the weight about 75% of the way up. Inhale and bring weights back down to starting position. (minute 15-16)
  • Squats with weights: Standing, hold weights at your sides and squat down by bending your knees. Keep knees tracking over ankles, hips back and stop when thighs are almost parallel to the ground. Exhale and press up through heels to return to starting. (minute 16-17)
  • Shoulder press with weights: Standing, hold a weight in each hand. Raise arms up and out to your sides so your upper arms are parallel to the floor and elbows are are a 90-degree angle, palms facing forward. Exhale and press weights overhead, locking elbows at the top with your back straight. Inhale and return to starting position. (minute 17-18)
  • Tricep kick back with weights: Standing, hold a weight in each hand and bend slightly at the knee. Pull elbows up to torso level and on an exhale, arms behind you while keeping your upper body stationary with core engaged. Inhale and return to start. (minute 18-19)
  • Burpees: Stand with fee hip width-distance apart and squat down to a 90 degree angle. Quickly place your hands on the floor and jump legs back so you're in the top of a push up. Kick legs back into your chest, feet under shoulders and explode up towards the sky. (minute 20-21)

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