6 Feng Shui Tips For A Festive Home

mbg Contributor By Amanda Gibby Peters
mbg Contributor
Amanda Gibby Peters is the voice and visionary of Simple Shui™. She’s been teaching Feng Shui techniques and tips for over a decade.

I adore the revelry of the holidays. Replete hours enjoying delicious food and organic conversation. Robust sentiments gracing our homes. Contagious opportunities to give unconditionally and a familiar calling to extend outside our communities. All of it a cross-fertilization of joy and appreciation in full-tilt celebration.

As the sun fades early and cold fronts layer themselves on top of us, we have a gorgeous reason to stoke the hearth of our homes and draw strength from our surroundings. With some simple shui ideas for congregating around the table, we open ourselves to all the right ingredients for a cozy but grand winter.

1. Use the dining room often.

Dining rooms are often well-intended spaces that are unfortunately used only during the holidays. However, feng shui associates the dining room with wealth, so if you have one, use it.

Instead of sitting down for the occasional fabulous feast, sip a morning cup here. Sneak late night morsels to its table. Start a game night, and invite family and friends to gather around. Create memorable leftover meals — make this the place to eat, drink, and be happy. Linger longer when you can. Discover ways to curl inside that space often; it's an easy way to unleash abundant energy in your space.

2. Make fancy an everyday experience.

Part of the holiday glamour is unearthing our pretty stemware or patterned plates — our "special occasion" loot. Beauty beckons spontaneous get-togethers and cheerful spreads. Instead of putting it all into storage as the holiday season expires, mix a few of these dazzling pieces in with the everyday guard. Anything fancy can easily become a wealth talisman, radiating prosperous energy throughout our space. Simply choose a few pieces you LOVE and use them regularly — delight is a guaranteed mood booster.

3. Open the door.

Filling our kitchen with food and conversation is an irrepressible symbol of wealth. When we have the resources and willingness to feed many mouths, the universe delights in our wealth. Hang a mirror in the dining room, gather your besties, and let that mirror double up the love and happiness swirling sweetly around the room.

4. Know your table.

Round tables encourage lively conversation. Square ones promote bounty and unity. Rectangular tables symbolize an unlimited number of blessings as there is generous space for guests. Simply use a tablecloth to soften edges, and don't place anyone where a corner edge points. Even with a round table, use a tablecloth. It absorbs any fussy vibes that can pop up unexpectedly.

5. Get fresh with decorations.

Fresh flowers, fruits, and veggies compose stunning visuals. Yellow mums are a dandy way to make someone feel golden, and they embody peace and love. If you are a lucky guest at someone's table, fresh mums are a gracious hostess gift. As for swoon-worthy centerpieces, what's not to love about apples and acorns? Citrus and root vegetables? Or pomegranates and pine cones? Be inspired by your local harvest and incorporate what you love. Any cornucopia represents good health and a long life — a perfect sentiment as we move toward the threshold of a new year.

6. Stay grounded.

If family squabbles intersect with the holidays, use natural colors — various shades of brown, yellow, or muted hues — to keep energy calm and grounded. Pops of orange and red encourage engaging conversation so use them as accent colors instead. Minimize shiny and sharp elements to curb cutting conversation. Dim the overhead wattage, and light small tea candles to curate the soft glow of a soothing, peaceful gathering.

The simplest way to welcome good cheer and make spirits bright is to dwell in gratitude and contentment for our bounty and blessings. So, LOVE with all your heart what you've got. No matter how small or mighty our efforts may seem this season, if we open our soul and home to revelry and joy, it will find its perfect place in our lives.

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