Relax & Refresh With This DIY Spa Night

Written by Cassandra Bodzak
Cassandra Bodzak is a holistic lifestyle expert who helps people all over the world design a life that lights them up from the inside out through food, meditation, and self-care. She's an author, inspirational speaker and mentor. You may know her from from ABC's "The Taste" or her healthy, plant based cooking videos on

Sometimes life can get a little a crazy (even for a wellness and meditation guide like me!). Staying centered and blissful is paramount to my wellbeing and business, so I've become somewhat of a self-care master.

There's nothing I enjoy more than a luxurious spa day where I can relax, unwind and feel divinely pampered. But real life and budgets often get in the way of of high-end resorts, which is why this DIY spa night is perfect! It's just enough to keep you feeling amazing, refreshed and relaxed all week long.

Ready to pamper yourself? Here you go!

1. Clear your calendar.

First things first, put the spa night in your calendar, clear your appointments and if you're feeling any guilt about making this time for yourself, remember that putting yourself first is healthy.

2. Set the scene.

Light some candles, get fresh flowers and dim the lights to create a serene, relaxing environment in your home. Clean up any clutter and make sure you're in a totally zen space.

3. Make yourself some a nice pitcher of spa water.

For me, one of the most memorable parts of the spa experience is the delicious water they always have waiting for you. So before you even get started, make yourself a decadent pitcher of refreshing water. Simply fill a nice pitcher with water and add sliced cucumbers, fresh mint and slices of lemon. It's the perfect refreshment to go with all the steaming we're going to do in the bath!

4. Do relaxing yoga.

Sometimes I treat myself to a restorative class at my favorite studio or I pop on my favorite "yoga for relaxation" YouTube video and follow along for some divine stretching.

5. Continue with a guided meditation.

Now that you're relaxed and feeling good from yoga, allow yourself to stay in that peaceful place with a guided meditation. I highly recommend putting on some calming music and focusing on your breath while you listen to the song. Allow your thoughts to float by like clouds. You'll drift off into the bliss zone in no time!

6. Put pen to paper.

At this point, I enjoy a journaling session. It allows any thoughts or ideas that have come up in meditation to spill out through my pen and get them all down on paper so they can drain from my mind and really come into form. If journaling doesn't sound fu, you can definitely skip it!

7. Time for a face mask.

Simply mash an avocado and put it on your face for 10-15 minutes while soaking in the bath. Add some cucumber slices over your eyes to really recreate a fancy spa experience. This will really help your skin glow and stay moist.

8. Now get in the tub.

Draw yourself a nice hot bath with lavender epsom salts. This will help move toxins out of your body while also letting the lavender relax you and help open your heart.

9. Drink up!

Enjoy more of your spa water after your bath to rehydrate! Climb into bed with a good book or whip up my favorite mocktail using fresh grapefruit juice, a little grapefruit pulp and sparkling water for a festive and delicious treat to wind down your night.

10. Sleep like a baby.

Now that you're pampered and relax, it's time for some shut eye. You'll wake up the next day with glowing skin, bright eyes, a clear head and feeling like a million bucks.

You'll never regret giving yourself a spa night to relax, unwind and recuperate. Self-care is an essential part of living a blissful life, processing different changes and keeping ourselves happy, healthy and radiant.

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