5 Tips To Beat Tempting Treats

The holidays are a time when many feel powerless over food. Cakes, candies and sugar-laden beverages seem to magically appear everywhere you go. The typical move is to give in to end-of-year temptations with the idea of remedying your holiday habits in the new year.

But instead of making it a resolution to get back to a healthy routine in January, why not make it a resolution to NOT need that kind of resolution? Here are five things you can do to prevent holiday overindulgence.

1. Fill up a little before you head out.

Eat broccoli, Brussels sprouts or half a sweet potato before hitting a holiday party. Satiating yourself with some veggies before a night out will keep you from spending more time grazing the buffet table than talking to other guests.

2. Alternate every other drink with water.

Switch between alcoholic drinks and club soda with lemon or lime. A spritzer can look like a cocktail and make you feel like you're drinking one minus the negative side effects. You'll wake up more hydrated the next morning with minimal regrets.

3. Control your home environment.

Put away the chips, cakes, candy bowls and other offenders. Instead, have alternate bite-size healthy snacks ready. Toast up some pumpkin seeds or wash grapes and cherry tomatoes, and place them out in nice bowls for snacks.

4. Bring your own healthy treats to work.

Bring a little air-popped popcorn to work for a snack rather than dipping into the candy bowl or treats left in the kitchen. You won't feel deprived; you'll just be having an alternate snack.

5. Stay hydrated!

Keep a 40-ounce glass container of water on your desk and drink at least two throughout the day. Sometimes when you feel hungry, it's actually your body telling you to hydrate. Quenching your thirst can help you avoid unnecessary snaking due to false hunger.

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