5 Common Lies That Sabotage Your Goals

How many times a have you felt flashes of insight when you got in touch with an inner longing to venture outward in a totally new direction in your life? And how many times have you dismissed those whispers?

Often, the goals we intend to set — big or small — get smashed before even taking a first step. We tell ourselves lies, which detract us from walking our illuminated path.

Here are five common lies our mind uses to get in the way of fulfilling our goals. I will also outline five "heart truths" that can help reverse these messages of self-doubt, and reroute you on the road to success …

Lie #1: "I don't have what it takes."

Our goal may be within a subject or area of life we have very little information or experience in. In that case, fear kicks in and slays our dream. We may tell ourselves we are too old, inexperienced or "not good enough" to go for it.

Heart Truth: No one has ever felt completely prepared for the endeavor they eventually complete. Every success story has a starting point. So you can, and have to, start somewhere, too …. and then you can just keep going! Start small if you must. Even go for the path of least resistance. What do you feel comfortable doing related to your goal?

Lie #2: "I failed in the past, so I'll probably fail again."

You may have attempted to achieve a goal in the past, and failed at it. This will most likely be an obstacle to dream fulfillment now, as you tell yourself that failing once just means you'll fail again. That's not true.

Heart Truth: The road to success is not always smooth and even. What makes it much more challenging to traverse is the baggage we carry from the past. Do yourself a favor and drop that baggage. Let go of anger, blame, guilt, and regret from past failures and you will have learned a valuable lesson: the present is a much better place and time in which to exist.

Lie #3: "I don't think my goal fits in with the rest of my life."

Do you keep your dreams to yourself because it is outside of the "norm" within your social or familial circle? Do you fear criticism of those around you? Perhaps this type of endeavor is outside of other people's scope of understanding.

Heart Truth: You have a responsibility to be yourself, even if it seems like it "doesn't make sense." It takes a whole lot of energy to suppress the truth within each of us. Those around you may not understand your path, but in the end, the path is yours alone to walk.

Lie #4: "I don't have time."

Ah, time, that ever-elusive construct. Responsibilities, spouses, children, jobs, commuting to and from work — all of these elements of our lives (and more) take time. This lie is a highly sophisticated delay tactic of the mind! For instance, I have caught myself sitting on the coach munching away on chips and saying, "I don't have time to work out." I did, however, have time to finish the bag of chips.

Heart Truth: We do not need to dedicate hours and hours to meeting our goal. As I mentioned, the process of meeting our goal can be made up of small steps: even ten minutes per day (or even per week!) can suffice in the beginning.

Of course, we all have responsibilities and it's important to follow through with them. But almost no one can say that they don't have ten minutes per day to devote to a personal desire or need.

You may need to think about adjustments you want to make in your life. The moment we set an intention, we can almost always identify areas of our lives that may not be as important. For example, if you would like to devote more time to painting then you may decide that cutting back on that online shopping would be an appropriate adjustment to make.

Lie #5: "That other person is better than I am."

Our mind will sometimes scan for people who are accomplished or well versed at reaching their goals. Immediately, we compare ourselves to them on a very subtle level and we say, "I'll never be as good as them". We then detach from the goal and may feel disheartened.

Heart Truth: You will never measure up to someone else because you are not someone else. If you compare yourself to someone else in any way, you are selling yourself short simply because you are not acknowledging the individual that you are. Also realize that you cannot ever see the full picture of anyone else. No one is a super hero.

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