6 Ways To Live With A Bit More Curiosity

Written by Chelsea Berler

A lot of you reading this have bought into the notion that you either don't have the right to explore and question your environment, or that you have to stick to the rule book handed down by your parents, society and eventually a boss.

But what if you broke the rules a little? I'm going to give you six tips for not only embracing your curious side, but also acting curious as a daily practice. If you begin to think about your life in a different way, it may just surprise you or even fulfill you.

1. Embrace fear.

Fear can be paralyzing. The only way to put fear back in its place is to embrace it and overcome it, and the only way to overcome fear for good is to befriend it.

Knowledge makes fear powerless. If I want a new job or a promotion I have to make sure I know the ins and outs of the job I want and if I am confident in my abilities to perform who can say no? The longing for something more is the spark of curiosity. When we give into fear, we kill not only our curiosity, but also our spirit.

2. Bring a new you to each day.

If you're determined to live more curiously, you have to be willing to let go of the old you. I'm not saying lose the core of who you are and what makes you unique. But old habits and pesky voices that hold you down have to go.

Sound fun? It's not always pleasurable to let go of attitudes and outlooks that served as crutches for so long, but I promise it's worth it. Each day you should strive to bring your best to the table. Some days I do better than others, but each day I get a new chance to try again.

3. Ask questions and get answers.

A curious mind asks a lot of questions. Have you ever been around a child who always asks why? Most adults find this annoying and will try to stifle it. Growing up I often found myself restless and eager to explore my surroundings. I'm so thankful that my mother saw this as curiosity rather than rebellion, and allowed me to get the answers I needed — no matter how frustrated she may have been!

Savor that childlike mind, and even get back to it. A person living curiously will question everything around her and figure out what answer satisfies her soul. Like any good journalist, you should not only ask the questions, but be determined to get an answer. Explore and dig until you uncover a truth.

4. Read to expand your horizons.

Whether it's a blog, a book, a newspaper or even Pinterest how-tos, read something every day! You're reading this today, so that counts. Reading fuels curiosity and supplies you with new ways of looking at life. When I read articles and books daily, they bring out the light in me and inspire me to not only make positive choices but to harvest my curiosity in new ways. I don't ever want to stop learning and fueling my creativity.

5. Ask other people questions about their lives.

I know, we covered asking questions earlier. But it's important to be curious about other people as well, because every other person you meet has a unique story to tell. When you ask questions, especially about their experiences and viewpoints, you may see a side of things you hadn't previously thought about. This can be enlightening and exhilarating for the curious mind. Many of the greatest light bulb moments come from conversations and discussion with someone who sees the world in a different way.

6. Find new surroundings.

Like me, you probably get tired of looking at the same four walls and taking the same old routes from home to work. This is why travel is so important for curious people. There are times when you just need to live and breathe something new, to surround yourself in unfamiliar territory and learn from the way of life of others.

Whether it's flying to another country or driving through a new neighborhood, traveling outside your routine environment can be one of the most stimulating activities for living curiously.

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