What To Do If You're Trapped In A Vicious Junk Food Cycle

I used to eat as much junk food as my body could possibly handle every single day for five years. I would go to sleep craving junk food, and I dreamed about pizza and chocolate; I even woke up craving gummi bears and cookies!

I binged on junk multiple times every single day, taking down chocolate, cookies, cakes, pizza, burgers, tacos, chips, candy and pasta. But my body suffered, as I was unfulfilled, guilt-ridden, bloated and tired all the time.

Each day I said to myself, This is the last day. Tomorrow I will start fresh and be healthy for the rest of my life. But the next day would come, and I couldn't resist the urge to eat junk food.

I thought the cravings were stronger than me, so I stopped trying to fight them — until one day I just absolutely had had enough of the torture of being trapped in a vicious junk food cycle.

Here's what I did — and I've been free of junk foods for six years! I don't even crave junk foods anymore, and I've since helped more than 30,000 people improve their health by transitioning away from junk foods and adopting a natural lifestyle. This is how it happens:

1. Replace all your favorite junk foods with natural alternatives.

The key is they have to taste really good and fulfill you so you don't feel like you are missing out. For example, when you feel like chocolate, go for an organic raw chocolate that will give you a lot of antioxidants. When you feel like a burger, go organic and free-range.

Think about all your favorite junk foods, and consider ways you can eat them while getting nutrition from them at the same time. If you can get nutrients from "junk foods," then you are having your cake and eating it too!

2. ALWAYS have your favorite natural foods on hand.

Don't let yourself get tired, depleted of energy or grumpy, as this is when you will grab quick junk. I honor what my body craves, so I eat cookies, chocolate, ice cream, cheesecake. But I keep my rule and make sure these foods are natural versions of the old favorites. Keep raw chocolate in your purse, almond meal cookie dough in your fridge and cashew ice cream in your freezer so you can always be nourished.

3. Know that you have a junk food addiction — the junk food addiction does not have you.

Knowing this gives the addiction less power, making it easier to break your habit.

4. Treat yourself well.

I'm giving you permission to sleep more, relax a lot, get a massage once per week and do healthy activities that give you pleasure. Love yourself and be patient. The more you take really good care of yourself, the less you'll want to poison your body with junk foods!

5. Meditate every day.

The less stressed your body and mind are, the less you'll crave junk foods.

6. Do a body detox — nutrition in and toxins out.

Do you feel like your body is addicted to the chemicals in junk food? Kill the cravings by detoxing these chemicals out of your system.

7. Drink fresh vegetable juice daily.

Juices, like green or beet juice, will give you nutrition at a cellular level. When you get all the nutrients, vitamins, minerals you need every day, you feel better about yourself and your body feels nourished at the foundation so you won't crave quick junk foods for energy. Vegetable juice will also move any compacted waste from your bowel walls out.

8. Start the day with lemon water.

When you start the day off in a healthy way, you're more likely to keep the day healthy. Lemon water alkalizes your body and gives you a huge dose of vitamin C and antioxidants.

I committed to these things for 365 days and I was able to transform my junk food habit. Now I don't even crave junk foods and I see them as low-vibe, unappealing, dead matter. Once you get rid of the actual cravings, the battle is over! Enjoy nourishing your body.

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