Go On A Digital Detox With These 6 Steps

Go On A Digital Detox With These 6 Steps Hero Image

It is time for a Digital Detox. Yes, you read this correctly ... on your digital device. After likely months and years without stopping to take some space away from our devices and gadgets, it's essential to make a deliberate choice to unplug, and see the benefits.

There's no doubt that technology is amazing. After all we would not all be here on MindBodyGreen if it were not! Yet its constant presence in our lives can get in the way of our expressing our true nature. Technology can decrease our productivity, and even our sex drive! Being constantly plugged in affects our sleep patterns, posture and more in our bodies and minds.

Think about it: how much else could you accomplish in the time you spend refreshing Facebook or idly checking your phone? More importantly perhaps: how much space and time would you have to simply decompress and tap into your deeper desires, needs and interests. Detaching from technology, at least for some amount of time, allows us to tap into ourselves more, which can feel scary at first.

But sometimes we MUST put down the phone and really be ourselves, and be with ourselves. We all need to disconnect to reconnect, as I like to call it, and hope that at least once in the next few weeks you do the same.

I promise you, it is possible, and you will not die. I promise.


Here are 6 quick steps to getting your digital detox started immediately.

Disclaimer: these steps are simple, but NOT easy. Use the opportunity of a digital detox to retrain yourself with new habits, to learn how to be with yourself in a new, more connected way.

1. Turn the phone off or into airplane mode before bed.

2. Shower and get dressed before you check your email or social media.

3. Resist the urge to check social media during a meal, especially dinner with family and friends.

4. Buy a real newspaper or magazine and get your fingers dirty from the ink.

5. Leave your phone at home or at the office for at least one walk or errand a day.

6. Stare into space at least one minute a day, without grasping your gadget. Call it meditating or simply "spacing out." Either way, it will be productive and challenge you to loosen your grip on technology.

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