A Few Quick Ways To Infuse Meditation Into Your Daily Life

Meditation can have profound effects on the quality of your life, your happiness, and the way you view stress.

With almost 19,000 studies showing proven benefits in areas ranging from sleep, attention, addiction, depression and weight, the research behind meditation is extensive. A recent study even suggests that meditation can offset cognitive decline in the elderly, by actually rewiring the genes related to stress and immune function.

There is no right or wrong way to meditate, and no specific amount of time to practice it. The main idea behind meditation is to leave your daily thoughts and practice the art of letting go. When a thought comes into your mind, you simply acknowledge it and let it go.

Start to infuse meditation into your daily regimen with these tips. Hint: you don't always have to be sitting cross-legged in silence to incorporate mindfulness and meditation into your lifestyle.

1. Try eating your food away from all technology. Focus on the taste, how you feel and embrace the moment.

2. Lie outside and look at the stars. Take in the vast beauty of the universe with each breath.

3. Sit in a comfortable position and focus on each breath you inhale and exhale while letting all other thoughts flow out of you.

4. Focus on a mantra or a word that resonates with you.

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