4 Ways Highly Sensitive People Can Boost Their Self-Confidence

Have you ever wished that you had more self-confidence or higher self-esteem?

As a highly sensitive person, I entered my teenage years suffering from low self-esteem and the perceived short comings of myself and my body. Growing up, this low self-esteem deeply affected my confidence and beliefs about myself.

After years of struggling with how I feel about myself, I've come to understand that it really is our birth right to feel good about ourselves even when life seems challenging and painful. It hasn't been easy, but I routinely use these four tips to not only transform myself physically, but also to transform my pain and problems into knowledge and deeper understanding of my sensitive nature.

1. Set a positive Intention for yourself everyday.

Intention setting, especially when done first thing in the morning, is a powerful way to focus your mind on the feeling that you want to create and experience throughout your day. Setting intentions will help you release old emotions and negative mental chatter, leaving you empowered and confident about yourself, your body and your life.

As a highly sensitive person, I find that it's always best to set my daily intentions in the morning before I get out of bed but you can do them at a time that suits you. Take a few seconds each day and simply say to yourself, "My intention for today is to __________."

2. It's okay to do less.

Elaine Aron, author of The Highly Sensitive Person, says the one thing that affects sensitive people perhaps more than anything else is "too much overwhelm and stress."

The key to doing less is to give yourself permission to take time out for rest and recovery. As a sensitive person, you probably need more down time than other people. Be gentle and loving with yourself as you explore how much time you want and need. Recognize that we live in a world where most times bigger, better and faster is often seen as superior to doing less.

However, for the highly sensitive person, it's essential that you take the time to find the right balance between doing and being. This is your key to inner health and happiness.

3. Find a fun way to move your body.

As an overweight and sensitive teenager in high school, I dreaded my weekly exercise classes. It wasn't until I was in my early 20s that I first discovered yoga. And even then, I couldn't believe that yoga, something that felt so good, could actually be good for me!

Building self-confidence involves having a kind, loving relationship with yourself and your body. This is particularly important for people with highly sensitive natures. When you respect what goes on inside your highly sophisticated body at the unconscious level, you'll have a special kind of reverence for your beautiful body and all that it does for you.

4. Nourish yourself.

There are lots of different ways you can nourish yourself. One of the easiest ways for highly sensitive people to feel self-confident and healthy is to nourish with real, whole foods. The more you nourish yourself with healthy food options, the less inclined you'll be to eat highly processed foods that are filled with empty calories and chemicals.

Nourishing yourself on all levels will help you naturally reduce the stress in your body and your mind. As a result, you can start to create a powerful, loving relationship with yourself from within. The more you nourish yourself, the more self-confidence you'll have and the better you'll feel about yourself and your life.

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