7 Mental Shifts To Make Before Your Weight-Loss Journey

We're programmed to think the latest diet, exercise trend or food fad will be our saving grace. That by following the newest health doctrine, we'll finally reach our goals. Maybe it'll even help us lose weight.

But, as I remind my clients, feeling like your best, healthiest, happiest self — and staying in that place — isn't about going on a diet. It's about learning what works for you and practicing it on a daily basis, along with self-kindness and compassion.

Here are seven surprising things I remind every client when they're on their personal weight loss journey:

1. Inner change should always come before outer change.

Watch how you speak to yourself, observe your thoughts and choose to see yourself as you would a friend: through a lens of love and compassion. You can't move forward and stay there when you don't think you're worth it.

2. You can change your story at any moment.

You ARE good enough. You do deserve to be loved just as you are right now. Erase the old tape that's been playing in your mind and choose to see things differently. We always have a choice. Choose self-kindness. Choose a new ending.

In the words of Maria Robinson, "Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending."

3. The number on the scale won't make you happy.

As ironic as it may sound, weight loss alone won't make you happy. Happiness stems from within, not outside of us. It's an inside job that blossoms when you start speaking your truth, choosing soul-nurturing relationships, creating loving boundaries and nourishing your body with movement you love, words that inspire and foods in their most whole form.

4. Gratitude for your now will transform your relationship with you and your body.

Take a step back and appreciate exactly who you are — as you are — right now. What are you thankful for about your body? Your strong arms? Your vision? That your legs can take you where you want to go? There's always something to be grateful for. We can't take care of ourselves the way we need to in order to live a healthy happy vibrant life when we don't think we're enough, just as we are right now.

Appreciate your present and it'll allow you to do your very best in the now. When that happens, you'll take the actions you need to show up for yourself.

5. Think about what you eat, but don't forget about the "how."

Choosing real, whole, unprocessed foods is the goal in the "what" to eat. But, what about your "how"? How do you show up for your meal? Stressed, in front of the computer, or in a time crunch? Here, it's almost impossible to come at your meal with grace, time, intention and mindfulness. Without these things, you can't really pay attention to your food, hunger level or what your body needs.

Set an intention for your meals. Honor your hunger and fullness; truly take time to taste your food, and see the difference.

6. Don't forget about the "why" of eating.

We eat for so many reasons other than hunger. The most common reason I see clients overeating is to fill a void. They aren't really hungry for food, but for more love, comfort, freedom, control.

What are you really hungry for? Tune in and your answer will show up. Once it does, take time to explore what you can add into your life that would help fill that well back up in your soul. Add what's missing back in and see the possible.

7. Your body is your body.

We each have our own unique size, shape, and soul — a gift from the universe that allows us to live life. Honor, accept and love the one body you have. When you do that, your actions will align with your intention and everything will naturally fall into place.

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