5 Super-Simple Exercises To Add To Your Workout Routine

You know the feeling when you want to get in a good workout but you don't have much time? These are five of my favorite moves you can bust through to get your heart pumping, burn calories and build endurance in a very short amount of time.

As a bonus, you don't even need any equipment and you can do them anywhere!

5 Moves For A Quick, Fun Workout

Always warm up for a few minutes by jogging or marching in place, take a stretch break when needed and stay hydrated. Perform the whole routine 2-3 times for maximum benefits.


  • Stand tall, arms at your sides.
  • Jack your legs open as you take arms overhead, keeping knees a little soft.
  • Go for 50!


  • Stand tall and psyche yourself up!
  • Reach out and place hands in front of you, flat on the ground as you kick your legs up and back, extended behind you.
  • Land in a plank position with your hands under shoulders, legs extended behind you resting on the balls of your feet.
  • Hop feet back in towards hands.
  • Jump up high and land softly on feet.
  • Repeat 10-15 times


  • Lie on your back and extend legs into the air as straight as possible. (Bend knees a bit if your back is popping up off the ground.)
  • Reach your arms up long toward the sky. Curl shoulders off the ground, engage abs and reach for toes.
  • Lower with control.
  • Repeat 20-30 times.

Boxer Circles

  • Lie on back your with bent knees and feet firm on the ground, hands behind head or finger-tips near ears. Keep elbows wide.
  • Begin making a circle to the left with the movement coming from your torso. (Don't pull on neck.)
  • Continue making the circle all the way around, engaging core. Continuing making the circles with control, without stopping.
  • Do 20-25 then repeat in the other direction.
  • Repeat this whole sequence on the other side.

Alternating Lunges

  • Stand tall with hands on hips.
  • Lunge forward with your right leg.
  • Bend your left knee toward the ground, coming up on the ball of the foot. Keep your front knee stacked over front ankle and thigh almost parallel to the ground.
  • Push off and return to start.
  • Repeat on other side for one full rep.
  • Perform a set of 15-20.

There you have it! A quick, efficient workout you can perform at home, outdoors or at the gym.

Photos: Adhat Campos

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