Katy Perry Opens Up About Depression Following Divorce

When you think of Katy Perry, you probably think of an outrageous costume with bright, neon colors and a never-ending smile accented by a blinding shade of pink lipstick. But, as we all know, not everything is always as it seems on the outside. Even if her exterior screams bubbly, that's not always how she necessarily feels.

In a new interview with the Australian show The Project, the pop star reveals that she had suicidal thoughts following her 2011 split from comedian Russell Brand. Lyrics in the song "By The Grace Of God" from her new album reference the thoughts she experienced when she was "in a darker place" — for example: "Couldn't take it anymore … I looked in the mirror and decided to stay / Wasn't gonna let love take me out that way."

Perry explained: "Sometimes you can be blinded by your extreme emotions. I definitely was looking for answers during that time I wrote that song. And yeah, I was depressed, and it was sad, and there were thoughts, but there were never actions, thankfully."

So why reveal so much about her deepest, innermost thoughts? She said her aim was to turn her pain into positivity and let those suffering from depression know that they are not alone: " ... then comes along a song that speaks to you, that makes you feel like, 'Gosh, I can get through this. If she can get through this, I can get through this.'"

We're glad Perry is sharing her story, not only for her own healing process, but also to let her audience know that even if people seem OK on the outside, they might still need a helping hand. We hope that the raw, candid writing in this song will inspire those with depression to open up about it in order to get help.

You can see the entire interview below, from Entertainment Tonight:

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