This "Bad Word" Is Now Less Bad Thanks To Amy Schumer

Many of us learned obscene and vulgar words from shows like South Park, which got its start as a successful series on Comedy Central. Surprisingly perhaps, many words my child-self would've deemed "bad" weren't "bleeped" out by the network — "dick" being among them (that is, if not used in reference to sex).

But the common vulgarized word for female genitalia, "pussy," has been too taboo for (spoken) words until now. According to Vulture, the staff of Inside Amy Schumer protested this double standard as a gender equality issue to higher ups at Comedy Central. And believe it or not, they got their way. "We can say pussy now!" celebrated Jessi Klein, the head writer and executive producer of Inside Amy Schumer, at New York's Comedy Festival on Saturday, Nov. 8.

So how'd it all happen? Dan Powell, fellow executive producer, chose to take action halfway through the first season of the show. "We started to realized that a lot of the show was addressing women's issues and gender politics," Powell contextualized. Why is the word "pussy" a "bad word," while "dick" gets the benefit of the doubt, and can be thrown around casually?

Because of gender inequality, argued Powell and the rest of the show's team. So Powell took action by penning a protest-letter. He then followed up on the issue with higher-ups at Comedy Central, who agreed with him! It was then that "pussy" officially entered the common parlance of taboo words that are still OK to say out loud at Comedy Central.

It may seem like a funny or frivolous piece of news, but this is an important step in reducing our culture's fear, disgust, and overall aversion to female sexuality. Bravo.

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