Jennifer Aniston Says Not Wearing Makeup In New Movie Is "Empowering"

Written by Emi Boscamp

It's a fact: Hollywood sets high standards for beauty, especially in women. Actresses and performers are always so dolled up for the red carpet, dazzling in custom-made gowns, with their makeup professionally done. No one can look like that every day, yet we expect celebrities to do exactly that.

Jennifer Aniston, however, is rebelling against that notion by confidently starring in a movie without hiding behind a mask of makeup. In her upcoming movie, Cake, she plays a painkiller-addicted woman who suffers a car crash that leaves her with scars all over her body and face. She goes completely natural, except for the addition of the scars.

And, as she told Deadline's "Contenders" panel on Saturday, she really didn't mind ditching her team of makeup artists: "[It was] so fabulous — so dreamy and empowering and liberating."

Not only is it exciting to see Aniston go in a more complex, thought-provoking direction with this role, it's also refreshing to see an A-list celebrity so comfortable in her own, natural skin. She's showing her fans that it's possible to look beautiful without makeup — you might even feel better about yourself without it.

You can watch a clip from Cake below to see what Aniston looks like au naturel:

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