5 Spiritual Truths We Can Learn From Children

We have as much to learn from our children as they do from us.

In the two and a half years I've been a parent, my two little boys have already taught me more than I could have ever imagined. The simplicity of these lessons run so profoundly deep at the same time all without the use of words.

Here are five spiritual truths about life my children have taught me:

1. Music brings all of us great joy.

There is nothing quite like getting lost in a beautiful melody. Music has a way of speaking directly to the heart while bypassing the mind. I'd forgotten about the joy that music can bring into the soul, until I stopped to take note of the reaction my boys had to it. They are clearly moved by music. It resonates with them at a deeper level than it does for many adults. My babies will stop whatever they are doing if they hear a song they like. Music calms them and brings them joy. Make time to listen to music you love whenever you can.

2. Stay close to those who have your best interests at heart.

Those precious people that come into your life and have your best interests at heart should be cherished, while those who treat your poorly should be avoided at all costs. Babies instinctively want to be with their primary caregivers. Our baby is only happy with his father or me, because he knows we will keep him safe and secure.

This has made me realize that we should be conscious to surrounding ourselves with people that love us and treat us well. We don't need anyone to drag us down on our journey only the people who build us up.

3. Interacting with nature is important for our overall well-being.

There is something very grounding about being in touch with nature. My toddler wants to be outside any opportunity he gets. He loves running barefoot and feeling the sun on his skin. His heart seems a little richer every time he gets some good quality outside time. I think we all have something to learn from this.

We should spend more time walking outside with no shoes on, rolling in the grass, kicking up the leaves, smelling the flowers and letting sand run through our fingers. It literally brings us back down to earth and gets us out of our busy heads.

4. Animals are magical and so are we.

Our dogs are constantly full of love and my babies are completely fascinated by them. The same goes for almost all other animals and babies they've encountered thus far. And why wouldn't they be? There is clearly something magical about them. They live, breathe and show emotion, just like us.

Pets seem to reflect love so beautifully, providing consistent, non-judgmental companionship. They seem to speak a language that resonates with children at a deeper level. In so many ways, I believe animals are a reflection of a magic that is also within us. We shouldn't take that magical spark in animals (or ourselves) for granted.

5. Pushing yourself beyond your limitations can be painful, but it's so worth it.

You will inevitably take some knocks in life on your way to reaching the top of the mountain. My baby, now 10-months-old, is just starting to take his first steps. He's also taking his fair share of tumbles and has had a good number of bruises.

Watching him so desperately try to pull himself up the other day, bought home another truth to me. Trying new things and mastering new skills isn't always easy. You're likely to take some knocks and may even get a few emotional bruises, but it's worth it. If he keeps persisting, he'll be walking before long and then he'll be running. What would life be like if we didn't continue to push forward? We all have the ability to "run" if we stay true to our goals and keep moving forward, even if we do take a few falls as part of the process.

My little boys are such bundles of joy. There is so much that you can learn from the magic of children.

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