Jump Up! 3 Plyometric Moves For Major Fat-Burning Action

Written by Ines Festini

Are you looking for a way to speed up your metabolism and to spice up your workouts? Then plyos are the way to go!

Plyometric training was originally developed for Olympic athletes and is designed to increase explosiveness, cardio ability and muscular power. Through a specific stretch-shortening cycle of the muscle fibers, they improve the muscular contraction, helping you get stronger, fast. On top of that, thanks to excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), plyos produce an effective calorie burn for hours after the workout.

And that's exactly what we're looking for, agreed? As time-efficient training is key today, plyometric exercises are a regular part of my clients workout routine.

Major Fat-Burning Plyometric Moves

For this workout, all you need is a timer and some groovy workout music. You'll perform three exercises in a row and work on each one for 30 seconds, followed by 30 seconds of rest. After you've finished one round, rest for two minutes before you begin the next round. Start with four rounds and work yourself up to eight rounds.


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Start in a lunge by extending your right leg behind your body with your knee almost touching the ground and your heel off the floor. Bend your left leg to the front. Make sure your left knee is in alignment with your toes.

Engage your core, pull your shoulder blades back and down and push off the bottom of both feet into a jump.

In midair, switch the position of your feet and land in a basic lunge with your left leg in front. Repeat without rest.

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Squat Jump

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Start in a standing positing and squat down until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Be sure that you put most of the pressure on your heels and not on the balls of your feet, keep your shoulder blades back and down.

Explode upwards by pushing your feet down to the floor and straightening your legs with such force that you leap off the ground from the balls of your feet.

Jump as high as you can and swing your arms upwards to help you gain momentum. Land on both feet and repeat.

Note: To make this move most effective, maintaining good form is essential. It's crucial that you push your hips back rather than knees forward, as well as pointing your knees slightly outward while squatting down. This way you avoid too much strain on the knees and prevent possible injuries over time.

High Knees With Plank

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Stand tall with your feet shoulder-width apart. Without changing your posture, raise your left knee as high as you can and step forward.

Repeat with your right leg. Continue to alternate back and forth. Every knee lift counts as one rep. Continue until you reach ten.

Place your hands on the ground and jump back so your chest touches the ground. Jump to the front, land in a squat position, stand up. Repeat.

More the visual learner? Check out my video for guidance!

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