How To Do Less & Be More Productive

Written by Ashley Cebulka

Success and relaxation go hand in hand. Really, they do.

I would like to share some secrets with you that will help you approach your day with more productivity and ease. But first, let's go over what NOT TO DO, in an effort to stop the actions that deplete your energy.

1. DO NOT check social media as soon as you wake up.

It doesn't matter why you think it's a good idea; it's just not. You're starting your day plugged into millions of people's lives, along with their opinions. All of this before you've even taken a moment to check in with your own needs and desires. This can lead to comparison, jealousy and even anxiety.

2. DO NOT start your day rushing.

I know, this is much easier said than done. Especially if you live in a city, have kids, want to get a lot of sh*t done, have a busy schedule, or you're just freakin' human.

Over 80% of the clients I work with used to start their day in a rush. Your actions set the intention for the rest of your day. If you start off at the speed of light, you will likely feel as though you have to rush through everything you're doing. This is a perfect setup for stress.

3. DO NOT complain first thing in the morning.

If the first words out of your mouth are about something you're disappointed in or upset about, you're setting yourself up to look for more things to complain about the rest of your day. And then before you know it, you've downward spiraled into full on bitchiness.

So now that we're clear about a few things that are energy leakers, let's dive into the three very easy and effective ways you can set your day up for success and feel energized:

1. Meditate first thing in the morning.

I could think of a million reasons why meditation is a great way to start your day, but I'll try to keep it short. You don't have to meditate for 20 minutes. I recommend starting with 3 minutes and building from there. Meditation helps you find peace in the present moment, sharpen your focus and increase your energy levels.

Starting your day with a bit of mindfulness is like tapping into your own super powers. Who wouldn't want that?!

2. Write out a success mantra.

If you want to be successful by your standards you have to believe it's possible. By repeating a mantra that affirms your desired outcome and feels realistic to you, you are tapping into your imagination and the law of attraction. This is powerful.

For example, "I am a gifted photographer and use my gifts to inspire others to see their beauty."

It can be really helpful to repeat your mantra in the moments when fear and doubt creep in, to help you stay on track and make your dreams bigger than your fears.

3. Create a NOT TO-DO list.

A not to-do list is so brilliant. It helps you eliminate all of the busy tasks that are distracting you from being more productive, by staying in your area of genius, creating more profit or enhancing your overall well-being.

We can be obsessive about our to-do lists, which can drain us of our energy. But crossing tasks off your to-do list doesn't make you a better person, so take a few things off your plate to create more freedom. Ironically, you'll find that your productivity increases when approached with more simplicity and ease.

Get a piece of paper out on a Sunday night (or before your workweek starts) and write out all the tasks you're not going to do. List anything and everything that is not contributing to your overall well being. You may even begin to recognize some of these tasks can be delegated to others.

Example Not To-Do List:

  • Checking social media several times a day
  • Doing laundry every day (or more often than is really necessary)
  • Judge or compare yourself to your coworkers
  • Taking on other people's workloads

Alright, now it's your turn to put this into practice. Give it a whirl and let me know how it goes. I'd love to hear from you in the comments below!

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