5 Strategies To Avoid Mindless Snacking

We not only have an appetite for good food, we also have an appetite for a good life. When we feel out of balance, we are more likely to turn to food when we aren't actually hungry. It's really that simple.

Below are a five things that will help us to feel more fulfilled and less dependent on finding comfort in snacks and other foods:

1. Productivity

Every evening as you're winding down at work, take out a piece of paper, look at your calendar for the next day, and write out what you'd like to get done or accomplish tomorrow. Include things that are meaningful to you: quiet time, exercise, reading a good book.

Making a list of things that should be done tomorrow will allow you to begin powering down for the day. When you know what's coming tomorrow, you can relax more tonight because the next day's tasks and goals won't come as a surprise.

2. Your Outfit

Have you ever noticed feeling more "snacky" when you stay in your sweat pants, pajamas or gym clothes all day?

Tonight, before you go to bed, pick out an outfit you know you'll feel great in tomorrow. When you wake up, spend some extra time on yourself while you get ready for your day. We all love to feel great in our bodies and a morning routine that focuses on you is one surefire way to boost confidence through the day!

When you feel good in your skin, you're more likely to make choices that will honor your body as well.

3. Creativity

Creativity is something that gets tossed in the backseat when our lives feel too hurried. Have you ever worked on a project you were passionate about and lost track of time? Getting to experience your creative side, or investing in your passions is a great way to enjoy yourself!

Remember: Creativity doesn't have to be artistic. It can be trying a new recipe, starting a new project, or experimenting with a new lipstick. Often times, creativity is something that gets you just outside your comfort zone.

4. Boundaries

Have you ever come home from a long work day but still find yourself checking e-mail well into the evening? When do you catch a break? This is bound to leave you feeling stressed out and unwilling to spend time doing the things you want to do.

Setting boundaries with work is so important. I've found that the biggest reason people don't set boundaries is because they're afraid they'll disappoint someone. But what usually ends ip happening is that people appreciate your communication (and self-respect) and they find another way to get things done.

Setting boundaries will help you to feel more relaxed, in control of your life and confident in who you are.

5. Ability To Ask For Help

Are you one of those people who likes to do it all yourself? Think of the last time you asked for help. Were you satisfied after you got help or did you want to fix whatever someone helped you with?

Often times, our perfectionist mentalities get a hold of us and we feel pressured (by ourselves) to do things a certain way. However, there's something fulfilling about loosening your grip on something and letting things be. If you need help folding the laundry, ask for help and don't worry if the laundry isn't folded exactly how you would do it. As long as the chores are done, you can appreciate the fact that you now have one less thing to do today, leaving a little bit more time to focus on you.

Which of these five things resonates most with you? How can you focus more on that today?

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