SNL Thinks Vitamix Blenders Are Too Pricey (Hilarious Video)

Apparently, Vitamix blenders aren't just doing the shredding — they're getting shredded, too. On October 4, Vanessa Bayer and guest host Sarah Silverman mocked the pricey blender. Bayer shows off her brand new Vitamix to her friend, played by Silverman, by offering her a "kale apple smoothie" and listing all the amazing things the machine can do. It seems like the perfect infomercial until Silverman asks her how much she paid for it. Bayer gets physically uncomfortable, repeating all its capabilities with every prompt: "But did I tell you it blends ingredients completely — like even nut butters?"

The price is then revealed — a cool $650 — and the "infomercial" turns into a catty, class-based fight. As Silverman fumes out of the room, a voiceover says, "Vitamix: They're just jealous."

In an official statement, the company's director of communications, Scott Tennant, said, "Some of the most well-known, highly-recognized brands in the world have been spoofed on 'Saturday Night Live' over the years, and to be included among them is an honor for Vitamix. That it came during the show's 40th anniversary season is even better."

We love Vitamix, and we also love to laugh, so it's great to see that Vitamix took the joke pretty well.

What do you think? Would you ever buy a $650 blender?

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