Top 3 Healing Holiday Spices

Holiday meals generally call for more spices, whether it's adding nutmeg to eggnog or cinnamon to family tradition cookies. Luckily, some of the most common spices used in holiday foods have tremendous healing benefits. These three holiday spices will enhance your digestion, helping you to more fully enjoy the holiday spirit and your time with friends and family.


As winter approaches, using cinnamon is a good choice. It increases warmth and circulation and supports efficient digestion of fats and heavy foods. Cinnamon helps counteract the congestion that is often accompanied by creamy foods and desserts.

Cinnamon is also a time tested remedy for preventing the onset of colds. If you are suffering with a cough, cold or sore throat, consider adding cinnamon to your food to quicken your healing process. Cinnamon dissolves mucus and helps resolve irritating coughs and bronchial congestion.


Nutmeg is a superb digestive aid. It is commonly added to cream and cheese sauces, egg dishes and creamy desserts. Nutmeg is especially helpful for digesting rich, dairy filled foods often found at the holiday table.

Even if you aren't normally a big spice wielding chef, the ritual of holiday cooking demands a few dashes of nutmeg. Befriending nutmeg is a good move during the feasting season. It mediates the effects of rich food, too many desserts, too much food in general and late night eating.


This is another spice that once you realize the immensity of its healing capacity you are going to seek out more ways to use it in your kitchen. Fortunately that isn't too difficult; the rich, warm taste and aroma of this spice provides a pleasant accent to sweet and savory dishes and punctuates the flavor of cookies and pies.

It is a good thing we use cloves in pudding and pie because, like cinnamon, cloves are an antidote to the mucus forming nature of desserts. Heavy desserts are known to clog the sinuses, dull the mind and produce phlegm. Cloves clear the sinuses, encourage mental clarity and resolve phlegm.

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