McDonald's Tries To Explain How Their Food Is Made

Today, McDonald's announced a new advertising effort called "Our Food. Your Questions" that aims to demystify some of their food-making process for their skeptics.

Here's the company's video that explains how the campaign works.

In the company's press release, chief brand and strategy officer for McDonald's USA, Kevin Newell, said:

We're proud of the food we serve our 27 million U.S. customers every day, yet we know people have unanswered questions. So, we're inviting everyone in the U.S. on a journey to learn more about our food. We look forward to the opportunity to have an open conversation and to show people firsthand how we make our most iconic menu items.

McDonald's also has an "Our Food, Your Questions" landing page on their website, with some surprisingly honest answers to FAQs. For example, the question: "Is there an 'anti-foaming' agent in your Chicken McNuggets?" gets answered with "We use a small amount of an anti-foaming agent, dimethylpolysiloxane, in the oil we use to cook our Chicken McNuggets. It helps prevent the splattering or foaming of hot oil in our kitchen, and is commonly used in the food industry and approved by the FDA."

Showing the public how McNuggets are made may win favor with some, but transparency isn't the only step McDonald's needs to take. Sure, they have an opportunity to debunk 'pink goop'-like myths, but their answers (like the one mentioned above) aren't all that appealing.

McDonald's is asking people to submit their questions via social media and will answer the most common ones in a series of videos posted to their website, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook pages.

What do you think about McDonald's new campaign?

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