New Study Shows Letting Infant Sleep On A Sofa Can Be Deadly

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (better known as SIDS) is commonly referred to as "crib death" because it often occurs when babies are sleeping in their crib. However, a new analysis published in the journal Pediatrics suggests that the name may be misleading, because about one in eight instances of SIDS occurs among infants who have been placed on sofas.

The New York Times has more:

"Pediatricians have long advised putting infants to sleep only on their backs, alone and on a firm, flat surface without a pillow. The new study found parents were more likely to lay their infants face down on a sofa than, for instance, face down in a crib."

As Dr. Colvin told The Times:

To all the new parents out there: You may be sleep deprived, but make sure you don't fall asleep on the couch with your baby. Place him or her in the proper position in the crib before you allow yourself a long-awaited, hard-earned doze off.

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