A Total-Body Workout For Your Holiday Little Black Dress

NASM-certified Personal Trainer By Nora Tobin
NASM-certified Personal Trainer
Nora Tobin is a NASM-certified personal trainer living in Santa Barbara, California. She created the Fulfillment in 3 program and is a health and wellness partner to Marriott International Luxury Brands

Now that November is almost over, holiday festivities are right around the corner. It's time to pull out that little black dress of yours and completely rock it on the holiday party circuit this season!

The LBD is usually revealing, highlighting your entire body. That's why we're going to do a workout that's designed to sculpt every inch of your bod (even those 'trouble' zones). This workout incorporates compound movements that target the arms, legs, butt and abs, giving you the best bang for your buck.

Additionally, the jump rope sequences in between each move will burn serious calories and keep your metabolism high for up to 24 hours after the workout. Get ready command the attention of an entire room and feel sexy, strong and confident!

LBD Total Body Workout

This workout requires a set of dumbbells (5-15 pounds), one jump rope and a mat or towel. Perform the routine 3 times through. Aim to repeat the routine 3 times per week.

Between each movement, you'll jump rope for 1 minute. Stay light on the balls of your feet with your torso upright and core engaged, swinging the rope as fast as possible.

Bridge With Lat Pull

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Lie flat on your back with knees bent. Hold dumbbells by your sides. Press hips up as high as possible and hold in a static bridge for the remainder of the exercise.

Keeping arms straight, lift both weights straight up above shoulders and overhead (photo above, left). Draw shoulders away from ears (avoid shrugging).

Lift weights back, over your head until they reach the floor above you (photo above, right). Keeping arms straight, lift the weights straight up over shoulders and lower down to your sides, returning to starting position. Maintain a strong core and relax your head on the floor.

Perform 10 reps. Jump rope for 1 minute.

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Side Lunge

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Stand with feet hip-width-distance apart holding a dumbbell at chest height. Take a big step out to the right and deeply bend right knee.

Shift hips back and lower down until your right thigh is parallel with the ground. Make sure left leg is straight, toes are pointed forward and chest is lifted (photo above, left).

Drive through the ball of your right foot to come back to center while pressing the weight straight up overhead (photo above, right).

Return the weight to chest height.

Repeat the movement for 10 reps each side. Jump rope for 1 minute.

Deadlift Row

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Place all of your weight on your right foot. Holding a dumbbell in your right hand, take a slight bend in your right knee and hinge at your hips.

Kick left leg back as you bring your torso close to parallel with the ground. Hold this position with core and glutes engaged.

Bend right elbow up to the ceiling and draw the dumbbell toward your shoulder (photo above, left).

Extend arm back to straight (photo above, right) and return to standing.

Perform 10 reps before switching legs and repeating for 10 reps with the left arm. Jump rope for 1 minute.

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Squat To Chest Press

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Stand with feet hip-width-distance apart, holding a dumbbell at chest height. Deeply bend both knees, shift hips back and lower down until thighs come close to parallel with the floor (photo above, left). Keep chest up and shoulder blades drawn together.

Press through your entire foot to come back up to standing.

Extend the weight out from your chest, straightening your arms so they're parallel to the floor. Be sure to maintain a strong core to help with proper posture (photo above, right).

Bring the weight back to your chest and repeat the squat. Perform 10 reps total. Jump rope for 1 minute.

Walking Lunge

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Hold dumbbells at your side. Take a big step straight out with right foot and deeply bend both knees, bringing right knee over right ankle and left knee hovering just over the floor (photo above, left).

Drive through the ball of your right foot to come to stand on your left foot. Deeply bend elbows and curl the weights up toward your shoulders (photo above, right).

Lower the weights back down to your sides as you also lower your right foot back down to the ground.

Repeat the whole movement, this time with your left foot. Repeat for 10 reps per leg. Jump rope for 1 minute.

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