Feng Shui Your Way To Financial Success

Written by Tiffany Teng

Your home should be a sanctuary, a place to relax and refresh after a long day of work. These feng shui tips will serve as a guide for a clutter-free home, as well as a figurative guide for any blossoming business. By removing clutter, nourishing the body, and practicing sustainability whenever possible, brilliant ideas will flow easily and doors will open to unforeseen opportunities.

1. Remove clutter.

Start off with a clean slate this fall season. Get rid of old posters and photographs of exes. Then, take a peek under your bed and throw out anything you haven’t touched since you moved into your apartment. Items kept under beds are clutter, and that clutter is like a bogeyman spirit taking up space. Trust me, you don’t actually need three pairs of flat boots. Clarity is key!

2. Smooth out the wrinkles.

Just as you should remove the actual wrinkles from tapestries, bedspread, and clothing, these “wrinkles” in the home are reflected in the way you run your business. Treat your home with care, and those disciplined habits will flow into your professional life.

3. Don’t mix business with pleasure.

Your bed should be the place of relaxation, love, and sleep. Clear your desk of distractions such as nail polish and hangover remnants. Each item you own should have a designated space—though artists swear by glorified messes, neither your home nor your business benefit from a crowded surface.

4. Create space

Remove the books from your chair, so you can actually sit in the chair and think — instead of using it as storage. Leave one wall empty of decorations or paintings, so your living space can breathe and allow you to create and innovate.

5. Let in the light!

If you have curtains, draw them up every morning to wake with the sun. If you have plants, make sure they receive enough sunlight and H2O. And if you’re not receiving enough Vitamin D, get out of your home and get some! A healthy body and spirit are secrets to success.

6. Rethink your design.

Every once in a while, it’s important to take a step back and reflect on your home and business. Are you being as authentic as you can with your living space? Does it reflect you and your values? The same goes for your business: Are you investing your truest self as an entrepreneur? Are you being transparent with your audience or consumer? These are questions that help you get back on track when you get distracted.

7. Embrace imperfections.

This is all about attitude. Do you get upset if your apple pie comes out of the oven looking lopsided? Are your sheets not matching your rug? Embrace the clashing patterns and the imperfect pie. If you can’t fix something, accept it and try to see it in a new light. Feng shui is not just about attracting love and money; changing your attitude is first step to a harmonious atmosphere.

8. Add green to your world.

Green is forever associated with nature and sustainability, but in feng shui, it also represents wood energy — action and growth. Adding green accents and plants to your living space promotes intuitive decision-making. It won’t hurt to add green tea and kale to your diet, either!

9. Nourish and hydrate.

Have a well-stocked refrigerator of fruits, veggies and eggs for when unexpected guests arrive, and whenever you feel like a quick snack. Hydrate yourself frequently, but also make sure your plants are watered, pets are fed, and dogs taken out for exercise.

10. Reuse and recycle.

Perhaps that old door can be used as a refurbished table? The ideal coffee table could be somebody else’s discarded chest. Reuse pasta sauce jars as penholders. If composting is not already a part of your city’s culture, start incorporating these sustainable habits into your kitchen and home. In a similar sense, recycle old ideas in your business plan. Remember: creativity is not necessarily coming up with new ideas, but taking existing ones and transforming them in a unique way.

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