This Is What Your Skeleton Looks Like Doing Yoga (Video)

We often hear a lot of verbal cues and adjustments in a yoga class that instruct us to do things from inside of our bodies. Whether it's "breathing into your left lung," or "expanding from the heart," it can sometimes seem a bit perplexing to wrap our heads (and bones!) around.

So if you've ever been instructed to, "Feel the skeleton that supports you underneath your skin," have you ever wondered what that actually might look like? The animation team at Hybrid Medical produced a video using 3D X-rays. A human being is shown below, moving through the asanas to give us an inside look (literally) at what the body-in-motion looks like underneath all of that skin and muscle.

Hybrid Medical writes on their Vimeo Page:

They added a playful disclaimer to ensure their audience that nobody was harmed or exposed to radiation during the making of the video, and that no third arms were grown. Here's the super-awesome video!

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