How The Alexander Technique Healed My Chronic Pain

Written by Mark Josefsberg

At some point in their lives, everyone will eventually experience pain due to compression. We'll seek help from doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists and the like, not realizing that the root of the problem is what we're doing to ourselves all day and night. We cause our own pain, but that also means we can alleviate it ourselves too.

That's where the Alexander Technique comes in. Never heard of it? The Alexander Technique is a practice used to improve posture and relieve neck and back pain, making walking, sitting, standing and all other actions far easier. It involves using your whole body, so it also benefits you from head-to-toe.

By the time I walked into my first Alexander Technique lesson, my hand and neck pain was severe and unrelenting. I was no longer able to perform or record as a professional musician, something I had done my entire life.

After studying the technique, my pain began to diminish and eventually stopped completely. I’ve now been pain-free for over ten years.

It's logical to think that we have only two choices when it comes to posture: slump, or rigidly straight military posture. But the Alexander Technique offers another choice: good posture with a minimum of tension. We spend a good part if our lives habitually shortening our neck and back muscles, compressing our spine from our neck down to our lower back. The Alexander Technique teaches us how maintain excellent posture while also minimizing that tension.

Once you learn the Alexander Technique, you can apply it at home, work and everywhere else.

Here's a simple exercise to get you started on the path to tension-free posture:

Right now as you're reading, notice any tension in your neck. Let go of that tension by releasing your neck muscles and effortlessly dropping your shoulders. As those muscles release, they will lengthen and allow your head to reach up towards the ceiling.

Next, let your head roll forward by lowering your nose as the crown of your head moves forward.

If you're sitting, let your sit bones release down into the chair, easing your lower back. With your head reaching towards the ceiling and your sit bones melting towards the floor, you will feel your spine lengthening. Release any new tension from your neck, breathe fully and let a smile find its way to your face.

See how much better that feels already? For more tips and information, visit

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